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Blessings, my name is David.

I suppose it all started about 50 years ago when I was 7.  My sister would take me into her room and read to me the King James version of the bible. Her hopes were that I would become a minister someday.

Just a couple of years later I felt that the bible didn’t answer all my questions and I started doing yoga and meditation. This answered many of my questions, but still there were many more that didn’t feel right to me.

By the time I was 12 I started working with earth base ceremonial practices. These came natural for me and I could feel the power in them. At that time I had no idea that these were pagan and shamanistic rituals. I would go out into the woods to a place called Rainbow Hill and I would spend sometimes a night and other times be out there for days just communing with nature.

When I was 16 I started becoming familiar with other religions (Judaism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Confucianism, Hinduism. Sometimes through study but mostly be participating their religious ceremonies. During this time I was introduced to transcendental meditation, astral projection and scientology. I worked with these along with my studies of psychology and sociology.

At about age 20 I narrowed my studies to natural healing with herbal medicines, eastern holistic medicine and magic, using crystals, mental manipulation  and manifestation using  energy through tai chi and meditation.

I continued on this path for another 10 years. I then started on the path of magic through rituals and it was then that I discovered that what I had been doing for all those years was preparing myself for the practice of witchcraft.

At this time my studies could no longer just come from books and any teachers that I could find, but through astral travel where I could tap into what I call the collective intelligence (consciousness or god/goddess) to seek the answers to the questions that I still have.

I became an ordained minister 2002 and am still always looking for the truth. I still practice yoga and tai chi and I find that when I meditate on my past studies that I still learn more from them and I’m always on the search for knowledge to sharpen my skills and to explore the infinite possibilities that this life  has to offer.

I find that teaching what I know and answering questions from people that follow me on my website and newsletter shores up my understanding of the craft. It also gives me a chance to share my experiences with others in the hope that they can benefit from my years of practice.

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  1. bluewizerd says:

    I am a naturle witch because my dreams come true and some times i can bend air some times so i am an airbender

  2. storm says:


    When I was growing up I have always been close to animals and vis versa, almost to the point there was communication. I remember when I expressed it my parents though of an over active imagination. I had lots of dreams of tigers and wolves. I had such a vivid dream that was real to me and till this day my parents bring it up as a joke. I had a lot of déjà vu which took me a while not to express because I was rude as for me it was something I already heard. After I had my daughter, it went all away. Now that she is 12, I feel more attraction to the moon and wind. I am reaching out because I feel that I am missing out on something. My heritage is aboriginal so it can be in my bloodline. I don’ want to be make spells but rather understand this need to learn more.

    • Chanel1234 says:

      My whole life ive always known i was different.I dont know what drew me to this website, more so than curiosity. I am 13 years old and from as far as i can remember ive always wondered about what exactly it means to be a witch. When i was three i remember walking in the hot texas sun with my mom(there were no clouds in sight).
      We didnt have a car so thats what we had to do. It was horrible i remember crying and sweating,i looked up to the sky and the clouds and began to move,i remember praying i wasnt really sure to whom. To god, to earth, to someone. All i remember was that it started pouring rain. Now i know how this may sound crazy right? Thats why i am trying to figure out what was happenening.

      Recently my uncle passed away he was shot in the chest and died instantly. My sister a few years before saw this happenening in premonition. A vidion we called it. The exact way, the person who did it and everything. Me and my sister also have a strange bond we can connect our energy’s and know how the other is feeling we’ve gave the certain feelings nicknames like “code blue” , or “b.v” short for bad vibe, we can always identify the person we have a b.v about without telling one another. Sometimes we even have the same dreams.

      A couple years ago i was at my grandmothers house spending the night as i usually did. we were going through pictures of old family members and memories. I came across a certain peculiar photograph of a young women i could tell it was a long time ago, my grandma snatched it from me and said that she was disowned from our family. When i asked her why she didnt say anything. I eventually went to my dad and asked him the same question he said that some of our family came from salem, my grandma is really religios she believes it was a hoax, she doesnt like talking about it. Later that night i had a dream, a women came to me claiming to be my aunt from a very long time ago, she was wearing all black and she was crying. She said that my family was bleeding dry??? Her eyes started rolling back and then a small child appeared and held my hand. I woke up terrified. I told my mom about it and she told me that it was just a dream and that i watch too many movies. I told her that in my dream the lady said i was a witch and my mom started laughing… if anybody has experienced these things can you explain to me what they are, i know this is long but i just want some answers. I know crazy this sounds but i just want to understand this. Also i am new to this website.

  3. stella1 says:

    I have a question.Accorsing to you do you think that i am a witch?Hi i am 16 years old and i think i might be a witch .there are some strange things happening to me but i’m not sure if those things mean that i’m a witch.please if someone could tell me.When i was young(about 10 years old)i began being scared of darkness ,i couldn’t go out at night because i feared that someone would come and get me.I thought that someone traced me.This year while i was getting into sleep i saw a shadow of a men in my window he was walking for three times and than he was gone.I also am affraid of snakes and i don’t know why.I must tell that in my house this year three snakes came and they tend to come around this area.I love cats and i have three cats one of them black.Cats really love me especially my black cat.one day i spent all my money in school and when i got back home my mum asked me if i had any money left.I was sure that i had not but then i wished i had and i a kind of prayed and then i saw that in my jacket pocket there were some money left.One other thing that happened to me was that one day i had to study a lot for a school exam but i didn’t quiet rehearse all the lessons and i was nerveous.the next day our teacher came and she told us that we wasan’t going to do the test.(that has happened to me twice).I am always affraid of shadows and i feel i can not sleep alone in a room.Antil 7 i believed i had magical power.I haven’t tried to change the weather or the wind or something like that.please tell me if someone has something like that .And if that is related to witches.

    • GayGuy7777 says:

      Stella1 i can relate… i’m 16 also and have a few of the same occurances…. animals and plants LOVE me, I have very strong premonition and can predict most things before they happen, sometimes i feel like i WILL things to happen… like one day my caseworker was thinking about letting me go to the oklahoma state capitol to protest for GLBTQ rights and she wasn’t about to let me but i wanted to go so bad and kept thinking ” LET ME GO! PLEASE” Then she got this confused and dazed look on her face and said ” ok i guess you go” i hear everything on different frequencies and have constant ringing in my ears…. i cant SEE things loike some people can but i can FEEL things no one i know cant. I hadn’t thought twice about it until i started reading a book about Wicca and everything seemed to fit me soo well. I logged onto here and a lot of the stories going around fit me too. I have never been religious until now and my family are strict christians. When i was in oklahoma cuty i stopped by this store called Once upon a Silver Moon and i was so drawn to it… I wanted to go in so bad and i didn’t know why. It was closed at the time though. The store was located in a two story green house and the feeling the house gave me was mysterious and captivating…. i felt like i was NEEDING to be there… but im as confused about all of this as you are…. i am also in search of help and guidance but dont know where to start…… can someone please help me?

  4. crystal cleary says:

    i have a question,it may seem a strange question but last october i fell pregnant and knew there was going to be problems before they even happend,they happened in sequence to how i saw them right up untill birth, also iv had people approach me and just blurt it out im a witch when iv said nothing,i have electical appliances not work for me but when my partner checks they work for him this only happens when im upset,i have a cat n dog who follow me all over the house to,so my question is am i really a witch, in my body i feel as though i am

  5. Stephanie says:

    I have a question . I live out in the country and I have had some experiences while walking to my place. I have this feeling I am being watched or I am being sensed. I get this feeling in my stomache and sometimes I get little headaches. then a bunch of birds will fly past me or stop and watch me. last nite two doves actually let me get close enough to them. Am I being watched ? or is it my imagination?

  6. Yato says:

    im still a teen but a exposed to many paths. i still trying to find out who or what i am. im always wondering and trying to connects things to make sense of what i don’t understand. as i got older i started meditating and feeling the elements around me. i feel energies from the plants and animals, i choose to fumble with it because i don’t believe in evil deeds. i notice the wind and i are always together. the wind (as strange as it may sound )made me realize that these things that im doing are both of light and dark. i never go astray from the light. with more meditation i realized that the wind is our guide for each action we make its job is to bring balance to others. sometimes the wind try to void danger to the light ones but its a hard task because we abuse ur power of choice. also i started wondering about shadows. but that for another time. finally i question magic. i got electrocuted one time but i didn’t die or suffer any long term illness but i starting to wonder even more greatly… which lead me to believe am i a witch? i went to my grandma’s house and found a book of spells i didn’t dare open it for i don’t know the dangers. so i still talk to the wind mentally and fumble with the energies but what is my purpose in all this?

  7. James Westmoreland says:

    What I’ve read om this website is childs play. I have ended the lives of dear freinds with a word sometimes a thought. I have become a born again Christian but I was first born a Witch and I Still That part remains. Don’t play with this art .t can help you but, it can still cause bring you unspeakable pain. Be Careful.

  8. Lawanda says:

    hi i came cross your website late last night when i goggled the word natural witch . an i toke the quiz an i got 16 of the things asked to a yes answer . i’ve all ways known i was different as a kid an when i got to my teen years i could feel an sometimes hear ghost . now that i’m older i see more things an i been doing wicca sense 2002 i still have a lot to learn . i would like to start my own coven but have no idea how to go about doing that . more like a small group nothing to big . i never told anyone this but i also found out when i send message in my mind to someone i hear from them an hour later are i see them in person

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