Christianity or Witchcraft?

I was reading an interesting post on the Sara’s Tent web site… The post title was “Christianity or Witchcraft”.

In it she states the she has encountered many people who said that they were once Christians but now have been delivered from that horrendous belief system.

She then describes those complaints that these individuals had about Christianity.

While I know that a lot of these complaints ring true and the one point she tries to bring out is that some Christians try to force their will through prayer on another person.

What I had a problem with is at the end of the post she adds this paragraph.

“That means that two wills are involved. To pray your will over another person’s will is manipulation and witchcraft. Is it any wonder that people who are wounded and seeking answers – seek from any other source, than the ‘church’?”

She obviously knows nothing about witchcraft. The Wiccan rede states that you are not to impose your will on another person without their consent.

Another point is that witchcraft is a practice and not in itself a moral, theological or philosophical as to its intent. That is held by the person that practices witchcraft.


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