The first of 4 blood moons arrives.

blood moon

The full moon is a time when all changes are possible and their outcome is emanate. The blood moon holds even more power for change than your normal full moon.

If there has been something in your life that you have wanted to change, now is the time that you should take the steps necessary for that change.

Use the power of the blood moon on your side to rid your life of things that don’t empower you and let them fade away with the waning of the blood moon.

I encourage you to view the total eclipse of the moon that will happen in just a couple of days and celebrate the power and energy that will allow you to make a better life for yourself.

I will be getting up early to witness the blood moon this Tuesday at 3 AM here on the east coast. This is something that I will not miss and I propose you do the same, for it will be a magnificent sight to see as the moon turns red from all the sunrises and sunsets from around the world.

Weather permitting I will try to capture it’s majestic beauty on film and post it here for prosperity.

Wishing all good things for you.

Blessed be,


David Hodgson (63 Posts)

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