Natural Witch and a Threat?

First let me thank everyone. The post “Signs of being a Natural Witch” has held top spot on Google for the last couple of years. It’s you that has made that possible. When I wrote that post I had no idea that it would be so popular.

This has brought about some backlash though. There are some “Witches” out there that didn’t like that post and I’ve even been threatened for writing it. I don’t know why some are so against the idea of a natural witch, but some have stated that to be a witch is something you choose and there is no such thing as a natural witch.

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding so let me explain a little bit about my thought process on this.

While I understand that some feel that the title of witch is something that you earn and they have a structured system that their covens adhere to as they promote their witches internally to different levels, but witchcraft has been around a lot longer than Wicca and at one time there were no titles.

Sorry, back to the point I was getting to.

What I have observed is there are really three types of witches. There are the novices, these are witches that choose to be witches and are studying witchcraft to further their spiritual life.

Then there are the natural witches. I’m not referring to witches that are born into families with a long history of witchcraft, although that is where you will find most of them. I’m referring to witches that have an uncanny ability for witchcraft. I believe that is from relearning the craft that they knew in a past life, but that they have forgotten. You know even in this life if there is a talent that you haven’t used for awhile you end up forgetting some of it but with little effort it comes right back to you. This is the same from life to life also.

The final type of witch is the prodigy witch. This is a witch that carries their knowledge of witchcraft from their past lives. They require very little outside instruction, they just know how to perform witchcraft. Many will go beyond the ability of their teacher in a very short time and will become powerful witches at a young age. Some will remember their past lives experiences and others just keep the craft not aware of how they know it.

I hope that clears up any confusion on what I was getting at.

Blessed be

David Hodgson (63 Posts)

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2 comments on “Natural Witch and a Threat?
  1. says:

    Hello David, I am one of those you seek to talk to. How have you gained such insight into something other people want to think they have. I am only now seeking the understanding that I already know, but need guidance with.

  2. slystephy says:

    Dear David,
    I loved your first post and I love this one. I guess I’m what you term a prodigy Witch. I believe you have gotten these threats because as I have come out of the broom closet those who are not “natural born” or “prodigy” as you define them are just plain jealous! Their first experience has probably been with someone in Wicca as these seem to be the most outspoken against us “Natural Born.” They want that status of High Priestess or High Priest which has been bestowed upon by a Coven. We prodigy and natural Witches don’t need such as we just are! I prefer my solitary Witch life and I commune with other solitaries at times when something really big is going on. I have been practicing as long as I can remember, actually before I even knew what I was doing and I’m 51 this year! Keep up the good work, because of people like you we can freely start telling people that yes we are real and we are here to stay! You have a natural writing ability, it is wonderful! Blessings!

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