Signs of being a Natural Witch

Are you a Natural Witch?


Natural Witch

Just about anyone can become a witch, but there are some people that just seem to be born with a talent for witchcraft and are considered a natural witch.

Below are some signs that you might be a natural witch.

  • Have you ever had the experience that you were thinking about talking to someone only to have the phone ring and that person was on the other end. That’s a sign you might be a natural witch.
  • If you’ve had a premonition that something was going to happen and then it did. That’s a sign that you might be a natural witch.
  • Have you had a lucid dream in which some of the things in the dream came true. Then you may be a natural witch.
  • Have you wished for something and as if by magic it happened, this could be as simple as needing some money and then find some money on the ground shortly after. Then you might be a natural witch.
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  • Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been somewhere that you couldn’t have been or had a conversation with someone, but you know that you couldn’t have. Then you may be a natural witch.
  • Do you have feelings that are hard to explain and that the people around you don’t understand. Natural witches are more sensitive to their surroundings than the average person. It’s not that you are sensing something that isn’t there it’s that other people are not aware of all the things that are going around them all the time.
  • Natural witches also tend to be more intelligent than most. They have a heighten awareness that lets them experience things that pass most people by. They are more independent and are not as likely to follow the crowd.
  • They are very in tune with nature. Natural witches have an affinity with animals and usually do well in the garden. They find natures sounds to be soothing, but at the same time energizing.

Here of some examples of experiences that I’ve had that could be signs of being a natural witch.

One time I went to a friends house that I’ve never been to and when I got there I had an overwhelming feeling that I had been there before. I walked around the house and I knew what each room looked like and where all the furniture was even before I enter each room.

Another time I was having a conversation with a friend and I knew everything they were going to say even before they said it.

These are typical signs of being a natural witch.

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Do you believe I have been threatened for writing this post. Maybe it was a misunderstanding.

Natural Witch and a Threat?

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250 comments on “Signs of being a Natural Witch
  1. jeanette says:

    Hello…I’m half Filipino half Dutch…27 yr old female…I can remember always having an interest in witches…even as a little kid I felt like I’m different…when I was 14 my mother hated me for reading about witches…I have always felt the presence of spirits and nobody believes me until something happens…before my grandfather on my dads side died I had a dream that he had passed away….i woke up crying a few hours later my father called me and left a message on my answering machine that confirmed my dream…I now have reoccurring dreams of me being a witch. I have no clue what to do or who to ask since my mother won’t discuss that subject with me.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hi my name’s Kathryn. I’m 14 years old. My grandmother says she is a witch, but I dont believe her she says we come from a long line of witches. Our family name is Sinclair. Does that mean anything? I have had experiences like the ones above, but no on understands when I telll them. What can witches really do? Can they really do spells? My grandmother says I’m a witch witch, but what does that really mean? If witches are really, are vampires, werewolves, and all that mumbo jumbo real too? Help me please…

  3. julian sanchez says:

    Hi, I am 13 years old and I hv had some of those experiences. Lately I’ve been havin a lot of daja vu. In 2nd grade, I had a dream that the firemen came to our skool. The next day the fire alarms went off and the firemen came. Sometimes I seem to be able to learn thing much faster than other ppl. Its seems almost like a review wen I know I hvnt learned this yet. I also hv some witches in my family. I also love animals A LOT. And natur, could I be a natural witch?

  4. tanya says:

    oh my goodness where to start. i can feel spirits and i have been able to most of my life. my mom is a mormon and none of the people in her church could ever explain why i can feel people no one can see. it used to scare the crap out of me but since i have been studying wicca i am no longer afraid. it makes sense to me now. my daughter can feel them too. i know that i have about 5 spirits that live in my home i only know 2 of them and i mean they were a huge part of my life before they passed on. the other 3 i do not know but they are good spirits. i can’t predict things but i do have strange dream sometimes. i have always had a love for nature and animals. when i am out in the woods i am happy i love it out there. i do have a question though i can only feel spirits i can not hear them but i keep thinking about my uncle who passed away when i was 6 and i can not get him out of my mind i feel like he has something important that he needs to tell me so am i going crazy? i am still new to all this so i am not sure if my feeling is right but it feels right and i am not sure what to do about it.

  5. becky says:

    hi im 23 years old i carnt femmber wen oh how it stared but i can sleep wright but it not me wrighing, i have to let the gohst in to do this but i lernt how to controle it now and sume times wen i ngo asleep i can go in 2 uther peopoles bodys b4 thay get hert or die. my nan is a witch and we can sence gohst we carnt see them but we know ther there and me and my best friend well we are cerneted coz we were bron on january we 2 days aprt and we are both witchs im more enagused we im in the woods and i can undersand wot the earth is saying and is the same with aniamls but i understand dogs more my friend is more enagused with water and we are togeather we are with air. wen im with my uther friends i can feel there emoshans and my fanmily aswell. i am a lil scard about who or wot i am siome people on hear are the same as me and i feel more happy that im not alone xxx

  6. angel duran says:

    i always get daja voos like its natural i sences things i am sensative to sounds i have a big imagination i dont what i am i have the ability to feel the presents of spirits and i feel like i also have the ability to fell their emotions im 15 and all my life ive felt this way i know my nana is protecting me from evil but she is already getting to that age what if i cant protect myself….

  7. Johnathan says:

    Hello I am 22 and from NY. I have had some of those experiences and some I think no one has had. My earliest memory of things that made “little sense” were when I was about 6 months. Now not many people can say they remember all the way back that far but here’s what I remember. From the age of 6 months until I was 18 months I would not sleep in my crib. I would lay in the crib awake all night staring at a silhouette of red made by curtains and have my hands crossed as if I’m praying. I believe I had a familiar also. It was a large golden stripe cat whom never let anyone touch me except my mother and grandmother, whom by the way are both witches. I began seeing spirits at the age of 3, started hearing them at 4, and feeling their essence at 5. I had seen portals open up and close in my bedroom doorway, I have had very vivid dreams of people I feel I know or should know, of having the power of limited flight and speed, astral projecting my mind and self into a
    parallel plane of existence where I know the same people in very different circumstances. I used to, and still sort of, have the empathic ability. I have reccuring dreams of places I know of and things I’ve done but haven’t done or been to at all. I love the subtleties of nature such as the way clouds look right before rain and how the air feels after rain and how water looks as it flows. I, as far as I know, have 5 witches in my family, my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt and uncle. I feel I am one also and am more powerful than those before me. I want to be connected again. I miss those feelings of connection. It cannot be coincidence that I have been told that people can feel my aura, my shine, my energy. I come from a fire and earth sign, my self being an air and water sign. My birthday falls on the Winter Solstice. I just want to actually meet a witch or psychic whom can tell me from one magick core feeling another if I possess the blessing of being a Natural Born Witch.

  8. tammy says:

    Hello,ill try to make this short as possible.when i was 5 or so i clearly remember going to bed at night ,i had a little lamp next to my be and a hand size snoopy pad with a little pencil.I would get hugs and kisses and the lights would go out .in front of me was a tall dresser that had all the German nut crackers and dolls that would sit up on top,the first thing i would here was may named whispered and i would get my pad out turn on my lamp and draw i just thought the dolls were talking to me so it kept me busy,i was scared to sleep .my parent were tired of me sleeping with them so i started sleeping under there bed. As i was getting older 7 or so ,and i still do this,lol i would walk to the woods a try to make the wind blow,or leaves blow around me like a small tornado and the rain stop or rain harder .i thought the moon was connected to me because i thought it fallowed me everywhere.and in my teens more and more happened i started to realize i did astro projection in my sleep ,have seen the deceased while i do not sleep well ,need meds,im also an empath ,i just came across that a year ago.and that help me understand some reasons i felt the way i did.when i want to read someone i can do pretty well .the Who will i meet next ?what kind of person will he be?and at times names to.I also see the dead in my 3rd eye mostly,i feel what they feel but will have a hard time understanding what they are trying to say.or the other way around ,i see orbs clearly like what you would get in photos ,i went to get my eyes checked and my brain to make sure it was not medical,i was cleared to be fine i recently went off med for mood imbalance ,it was not working and i felt even more lost,my abilities were not as strong but still with the ok from my doc,because I know some people need to be on them.But i never told my therapist about the things ive encounter or talked to to many people about this cause they would thing i was crazy.i now see a natural doc im on natural meds mostly vitamins and meditate .i feel 38 ,just start to look for a group to belong to ,as of now it a spiritualist church .ive gone on 2 occasions.just was feeling soooo lost as far as i could remember and not really fitting in .i had friends but the things i wanted to always talk about (the dead) and what i experience ,know one understood and that was clear to me,so still looking i went to one of there groups .the talk about different thing ,stuff like this healings and so forth . there was only a handful of people alot older then me,we listened to a mediation CD on healing passed trauma .when it was done an older man was going to show me how the dowsing rods worked using my energy as a example .before he stood up to do so he felt the need to tell me that he had a very hard time listening to the CD because of what he was seeing around me as he started to tell me his info the lovely old women started doing the same,they started talking over each other with almost similar experiences and this was what they saw……very Earlie 1700″s italy i was burned at the steak for accusations of witch craft…He saw me a little later in late 1800’s again killed by 2 men with long spears to the back for harming others for black magic (that bothered me a bit )he told me that i have very strong manifesting abilities and asked me if i practiced in black magic now.NO i do not i said.they ask me if i had strong connection to witchy things movies places ect…Yes i do ,but as much as im so very drawn to them i also become nervous and i get this dreadful feeling when im in the presence of it…they then explained to me that my deaths in those past lives i had were traumatic and my subconscious remembers causing me to feel fear ,remembering what i have done and all my abilities have stayed .im always looking for someone to put me under there wing to help me with these things and they told me that i read and read and look for direction but the info is already there that i already now what to do,he even told me that i dont need spells im strong enough with out them (manifestation)and tried to make it very clear to me.this is at least the 4th time ive been told this or ask if i was a witch.when i left that night i had much understanding of my behaviors and felt more balance in myself…im not …thats what i though 4 the longest time ..when i went into labor with my second child i had a rapid labor..i called my doc at 1:30 am she told me it was not labor she told me to wait i called back at 2:ooam and said i didnt feel right so i went in..i arived at 2:25 am and had full contractions had her at 2:54 am the nurse was frantic my doc didnt have enough time to get there and she told me later that my daughter was born in the fetal sac and said years ago the said that to be born of a witch…….now my mission is to get past life trauma healing and strengthen my abilities to help others……thank you for letting me share this…any help would be appreciated ..Tammy

    • tammy says:

      also i wanted to mention i see most of the time this beautiful luminating light on people and thing its larger if they are moving past me .it kind of stretches out further away from them as they walk by me or i walk by them at least 4 inches after that it get lighter an rigidity wood and other objects to more of a off white but bight color.if just standing still its not as far out from them maybe 2 inches and bright white. What is that?lol

  9. Jodi says:

    Wow reading some of these posts I realize I’m not alone. I have never been able to locate anyone like me. My children are sensitive but not to the level I am or at least the full potiencial hasn’t came out yet. I am searching for some guidance in my area. I’ve asked around a bit and I’ve followed my feelings but I always run into the same answer, you’re like no one I’ve ever met. What does that mean? Does anyone have any ideas about how I can find such guidance? If you do please let me know. Thank you,

  10. Trish says:

    curiosity brought me here, curiosity about myself. I rarely speak of my experiences I have had since childhood for fear of being judged, fear of being thought mentally ill. Though I do admit to mental illness, I do have major depression, have suffered from it most of my life. Anyways, I have been told on a few occasions that I have spoke with others that I am a natural witch. I will try to explain.

    First, I seem to be in tune with spirits. I know it sounds crazy. But, I feel dead people, some good some bad. Meaning some are or I feel are there just so someone acknowledges they exist? Or perhaps they need help i do not know, some I feel are there for harmful reasons. I can feel them there, I can feel when they do not want me around, when they are angry. This has been happening as far back as I remember, since I was 7. I have been told that I do not see them, only feel them because I am in tune with them, I do not need to see. A few times I saw something that scared the hell out of me. First time, I was upstairs all alone, I was not feeling well so went to lay down. I felt like someone or something was watching me. That is how I normally know a spirit is there. I sat up in bed to let them know now was not the time.. That is when I saw something that took my breath away, well at least until I found my scream. At the foot of my bed I saw a form slowly come into view. The body shape of a human but larger, the face was somewhat distorted, almost melted like, I saw horns. When I screamed my husband at the time came running up the stairs to see what was wrong and found me trying to push my way though my headboard and terrofied. Once he calmed me down, with me never looking away from the spot I explained what I saw in detail. He was a dungeons and dragons player, I at that time was not. And told me exactly what I saw, he said a specific type of demon said it was a very high ranking demon and they didn’t come to one for no reason. The next time, I was helping a friend who had a contract with the military cleaning empty homes. I went to help her one night, when I walked into the master bathroom and saw a blond woman laying on the floor in a pool of blood. It at a glance looked like a suicide but, I instantly knew differently. She wanted me to know that her husband killed her. This time, there was no scream. I turned and very quickly walked from the house, as I passed my friend she saw me and chased after me. Said I was pale and demanded to know what I had seen, that she had heard things about me. Needless to say we left and she never finished that house. I never checked into if someone had died there or not, I guess I was to freaked and really didn’t wish to know. She is not the last I have seen in such a way, I found another woman in the tub of an apartment I was living in. She was different though, just overwhelming sadness coming from her. There was something else in that home too, what I do not know but it did not want me there and lived in my baby’s nursery. It makes sense now why he cried every time he saw the apartment when we pulled up.

    In between all of this I was in a witch craft store in a mall in Wa state. I was there to look at books, why I did not know. But something drew me to the back of the store, to a glass display case that had athames , knives, chalaces and other things that I did not know what they were. I got a REALLY bad feeling around these items. a very dark feeling. Worse was the feeling I got from the curtain to a back room which was right beside the case. The feeling was so intense that I moved away and to the books at the front of the store. That is when she appeared. The store was full of people, no less then 20 shoppers in there, but she weaved her way from the back of the store and directly to me. The closer she got the more overwhelming the feeling become. She came straight up to me, ignoring everyone else. Asked me if I was looking for something. I found I could not speak, Everything inside of me was screaming, I felt death, darkness, despair in overwhelming quantities. Her eyes never once left mine from the moment she stepped in front of me. An overwhelming feeling to flee came over me and that is exactly what I did. I ran from the store and kept running, my ex husband just happened to be done in the store he was in and walked out just in time to see me fleeing… he chased me down and litterly had to grab and hold tightly to get me to stop. I still could not talk.. All I could get out was woman… store… Must leave. It was not until we were half way home that I could explain what happened. I have been told by a self proclaimed witch that the woman in question was in fact a witch, and was misusing the gifts. That I picked up on that and she knew it, that I was a threat to her and she made me leave and never return. ( No I never even returned to that mall again) She asked me if I had heard of natural witches. When I said no she suggested that I look into it that she thought I was one. And even suggested that perhaps this other and I were enemys in another life.

    There is so much more, mostly to do with spirits. Thankfully I have figured out myself how to banish them from my home. That and I refuse to go to graveyards as the feelings there sometimes become overwhelming and some like to follow me home.

    I have been dealing with these things for at least 30 years now, I guess the time has finally come that I do a bit of searching and attempt to figure out what is going on. Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW, very sorry for the long drawn out post, I tried to keep it as short as possible.

    • ColdMBrace says:

      No, no, no. Don’t apologize. Holy shit. You just described my LIFE. I read every last word, was on the edge of my seat! Not sure if I believe in a god, but if there is one, I’m thanking that being for finding you! I don’t know what I believe, but I DO know that my mind was not made for this world.

      I DO know that I was meant to read your post. Thank you for that. We are alike in that weird shit happens to us whether or not we seek it out. I could relate so MANY experiences here, but there’s really no @point321 . We are caught up in the Whirlwind, all of us, but only a select few even approach being able to understand what’s going on. It’s maddening. It’s crazy scary. And it’s why we both ended up on this website. Even though some of them seem to think literally EVERYONE is a witch. Which is ridiculous. I mean, seriously, who has NOT had a dream that eventually came true? OMG!!! I’m a witch now! Dumb shit.

      No, I came here because I need answers. I need to know why I think the way I think. And although I don’t see dead people (but I sincerely believe that YOU do), I know that my understanding of the world does not gel with ANY conventional thinking. I have seen things that defy both religion and physics. I have DONE things that would make your mind spin. So…I know where you’re coming from.

  11. John Doe Elit says:

    Wow…after reading some of this stuf I believe that I may have something going on….before I ever knew anything about witches,magic, etc I found myself calling the quarters… I always thought that was me being a kid and acting crazy….

    Sometimes (not everytime) I could be sitting outside in my old screened in porch during a rain storm and I would find myself talking to the rain and challenging it to get crazy and start thundering really loud….sometimes it the thunder would scare me back inside.

    Another dream that I have had a LONG time ago but to this day I can recall almost as if I just had the dream was one with me discovering a fairy from under a large industrial barrel. I followed the fairy and it showed me that I could fly in my dreams….now….in almost any dream I can fly without thinking twice…and lucid dreaming is starting to become more real to me.

    Finally one thing that I did a while back and I didn’t even think I was really doing anything my wife had a lot of pain in her back and she had asked me to rub her back before I did I helf my hands just above the skin…not touching her and starting thinking about her back not hurting anymore….she swears I did something because her back stopped hurting…I’ve never really considered myself a witch or anything….Looking back I almost thought I was mental for ever even thinking such things were real but after reading some of the post I think there may be more to it.

  12. theone says:

    I have always known there is something about me. I may be a witch, psychic, something. but I know one thing, and that is that I am meant to do something important with my abilties. I just want someone to help me understand better

  13. Paige says:

    I think i am a witch…i have friends that sense things and they say i am one….i can predict most things without realizing it until it happens…I think of something happening and then it does……images of a death popped into my head about my mother being killed for a long while…then it happened…may her soul rest in peace<3…..I can predict different things about the world and people….I can read people and tell them things they dont know about themselves but end up finding it out…..I think about the impossible things that could happen and they do…..i can make good come to others by talking about the future and it happens….i just cant seem to help myself….so i think i am…if i am not please correct me…

    • David Hodgson says:

      You have powers that should be cultivated. Whether you want to follow the path of the witch and develop these powers or to ignore them causing the powers to atrophy. That is up to you.

  14. Emily says:

    When I was younger, my sister used to get scared because when she was talking, I would mouth the words she was saying without even knowing it, like I got scared that I didn’t know I was doing that. And once, I had this over whelming feeling of sadness and worry and I couldn’t tell why and then my friend told me a personal issue of hers and it instantly made sense; I was feeling what she was feeling too. And sometimes, I have dreams where something happens and it seems like a metaphor for something else. And I used to always feel like I was a mermaid or something in another life time, because every time I touch water, it’s like a weird feeling of sorrow or loss because I can’t live in it. It’s so strange, like when I went swimming in the pool, I’d feel like I was in something I belonged and I never felt like I belonged as a kid.

    And once, when I was 13 got a candle and asked for some money. About an hour later, my father came in and gave me money. Before my Nanna passed away, she told me she was good at tarot readings and she teached me how to do it and she told me many women in my Dad’s side mentioned paranormal experiences. My Dad said that he once talked to my deceased Pop and it just seems a little scary. Everyone always said I’m “eccentric”. Do you think I could be a natural witch too?

  15. Krys says:

    One more thing I forgot to mention, that has been a little freaky in my life. 6 1/2 years ago I had my daughter. Not only did i have her, but i had her on my birthday, my 22nd birthday, which happens to be Feb. 22, precisely 5 minutes before the same time of my own birth in the year 2005. She is blond hair and blue eyes, I of course am only bleached blonde and have hazel eyes. She too is HIGHLY intelligent. She was always farther ahead in everything she did than anyone else. She was scooting herself across the floor at 1 month old, crawling by 5 months and walking by 9. Everything was wonderful with her, she slept through the night, was never a very fussy baby and was always very independent. In fact I found it almost nerve racking that I could not even hold my own daughter to feed her most of the time. She did not like to be held much. One day, when she was about 2 years old. No joke, only 2, I was sitting at my Aunts house(not my real aunt) and I needed my cell phone out of my purse so I could call and see if a prescription was ready, so I asked her if she would bring me my purse. Now mind you, this purse had all sorts of crazy hidden weird pockets in it, one in which I had only recently discovered it had, and I had the purse for a couple years before this. I had put the phone into that pocket, so thinking she would have been confused as to where it was I just merely asked her to get me my purse. So she walked over to the purse simply reached into this hidden pocket and pulled out my cell phone. Also keep in mind that I had only gotten this phone a couple weeks before, and I only had used it like 4 times since then because it was prepaid and I only used it when I NEEDED to. She walks over to me, cocks her head and looks up at me with her beautiful twinkly blue eyes and says “Here mommy, is that what you wanted?” My jaw about hit the floor and she walked away almost skipping. It was the oddest thing I had ever experienced.. and I got chills.. these incredible chills down my spine. Little did I know that this was only the beginning of the strange things this child does. I have become used to her reading my mind though. In facts she does it so often half the time I don’t even recognize that she is doing it. Like, yesterday.. she said something and my friend was here, I looked at my friend and she had this baffled look on her face, like oh my God she really just did that? And I said, yeah.. see.. this is what I was talking about. It’s creepy a little isn’t it? She just gave me this bugged out look and was like.. uhhh..yeah..just a little. There is so much to tell but I don’t want to bore you guys anymore. Thanks for reading my posts though.. if you managed to make it through them haha!

  16. Krys says:

    I remember having my very first “Dejavu”. I was 7 years old. It wasn’t anything major, just that I was painting a cabinet and when I bent to dip the brush into the paint, there was an ant crawling across the ground.. I felt as if it had happened before and this strange overwhelming feeling to keep watching came over me, almost like I was sick? I got dizzy and needed to sit down. To this day I still have these things happen to me, and every time it is the same feeling. It is never anything major though, nothing of real importance when I have these “dejavu”. I always seem to sense the changing seasons.. mostly fall. Like about a week or so ago I started sensing the change..It wasn’t the weather, but the ambiance. Like I got chills up my spine and this comfortable “I’m home” feeling. I live in Arizona, so the change is very mild, not abrupt like in some places, so it definitely is NOT the weather change. I dream in color most nights, however there have been times that I have dreamed in black and white. Except they are not just plain black and white dreams.. there is always one color… RED… One time it was a red T-shirt, once it was a bloody nose, another time it was a boy skateboarding down a sidewalk who scraped his knee and there was red blood. Another time it was red hair. All these were always within a month before someone close or in my family passed away. The first was my cousin, the next was my other cousin and the next was my uncle then my sisters mother in law. My brother passed 2 years ago, but I never foresaw that. It really bothered me that I didn’t get my normal dream, or that I didn’t remember it, because then I would have been better prepared. I didn’t know him very well though, except what my mom has told me about him. I didn’t know any of them all that well to be honest, I was young when most of them passed. I remember being very comfortable at my first funeral. I was only 5. I remember there being this sense of something in the air, something that seemed calming. She was a close friend and my babysitter, along with her father and her best friend. They all passed in a plane crash. I have always had this great fear of death, but yet.. not. If that makes sense? And it seems like whenever I have a bad feeling about something.. there is a real huge reason why I should. Like, the reason I do not drive… I have this eerie feeling that if I do, something is going to happen, and every time I have been behind the wheel in the past, something freaky has happened to me, nothing major, but freaky!Like a warning sign. I can’t tell you how many times I have been thinking of someone and they call.. or especially freaky, are the ones I have not heard from for like a year or more and they email me the next day, or call me within the week. I’ve never been good at gardening though..I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life.. but I seem to have a strange connection with animals.. all types of animals. Oddly enough.. like.. I do not like dogs.. but they love me.. and I know they can sense my fear and the fact I do not like them.. but they still have this need to be near me and lick me and love on me. Thus of course making me like them. Even fish.. yes.. FISH! I am highly intelligent, but I never finished school. I have charisma that quite honestly tends to get me into trouble at times..I am not a beautiful woman, not skinny.. in fact I am rather on the bigger side.. I am 235 pounds and only 5’3″. But, men flock to me. It is almost like I enchant them when they are near me, some cannot even talk when I am around, like I intimidate them, but I am not a mean person, nor do I think I excude “Scary” at all..I am a bleach blonde happy go lucky type of person. I hear voices a times, am convinced I have a ghost, or ghosts wherever I go.. the things I have seen fly across the room, or the voices that have whispered in my ears or screamed me right out of a dream! they sit on me, mess with me, show themselves to me through mirrors and turned off TV’s. They like to mess with my TV in my living room too. It has happened a few times but only really happened after my brother passed. His ashes sit above the TV in the entertainment center.. I think it may be him. My sister also has a lot of the same things, except instead of red in her dreams, she actually sees it happen.. and the next day.. it happens! There is a road in our hometown she refuses to drive down with me in the car because of her dreams. Maybe I am crazy, but I cannot seem to shake this feeling that I may be a natural witch. Since I was about 8 or 9, I knew I was different from everyone else. Things would happen that were not explainable when I was around, almost only when I was around. I used to have this reoccurring dream. I was a witch in the salem witch trial era, but not actually during them.. I want to say it was before the actual time. I was in a what seemed to be a court room, but the building looked like a church. I remember the men chaining me to an old chair.. one that looked like they did in those days, old, rickety and wooden. They chained rocks to me, not bricks.. rocks.. huge rocks. They then proceeded to thrust me in the chair into a nearby river. As I sank, I remember opening my eyes and seeing my cat thrown in next to me..he looked almost calm. Cat’s do not like water, but he was calm.. like he knew something I didn’t. Then I wake up. One day, a friend of mine.. not really a friend, but an acquaintance at the time, had sat with me at lunch and looked at me weird. I asked him what he was doing and he said “I am reading you”. I kind of freaked a little. (I was only 16) I said.. oh yeah and what do I say.? He answered me.. telling me he can tell me what I was in some of my past lives. He proceeded to talk about a Higher Angel..I for the life of me cannot remember her name. He also told me I had been a witch. This witch he said, is who I am made to look like now. So apparently I am my own doppelganger? LOL.. But what struck me in an odd way, was when I started telling him about my dream and before I was able to tell him more than that they had tied me to a chair, he stopped me, looked deep into my eyes and proceeded to tell me that he was my cat. That he too had drown that day and that he remembers looking into my eyes trying to tell me something as I passed on. I never had that dream again. I guess I didn’t need to because he told me why and what I was having that dream for. So, maybe I am a witch.. who knows. But it is nice to finally tell all this and not feel like a total freak anymore. LOL.

  17. kiel says:

    I think im a salem witch im not sure i figure i do have powers i want something i get it, i chant it , it comes tru n i do say wicca alot …so yeah oh and i practice spells and stuff n i like witch moves like twitches, halloween town ..n stuff ….. so yeah

    • David Hodgson says:

      Hi kiel, Keep in mind the people that were tried, tortured and killed during the Salem witch trials were not witches, just puritans that became hysterical with fear.

  18. jamie says:

    When I was in first grade my teacher made me angry and so I cursed her. I don’t know what bad thing happened to her but I remember seeing a dark cloud over her head as I did. I didn’t think bad words at her or anything it’a just that all my anger turned into a dark cloud that I knew would get revenge for me. I KNEW it would. At home I would walk around the house at night when I couldn’t sleep and I would see this shadow human creature run back and forth through my living room. Years later I asked my mom about it and she said when she was little she would see one too except it was scary with white rings around it’s eyes and would come to her room and watch her. When I was younger still, I had a dream and a few years later I went to the place in my dream and all the same things happened. I had never been to that place before in my life. It would have been impossible for me to have been there. I didn’t fulfill the last part in my dream out of fear. I had a lot of deja vu in my life and it was really strong as a kid. I’m 17 now and I don’t get it as often now. I feel it in a different way now too. I never saw the shadow again after we moved and I’ve never made dark clouds again. I don’t know if I lost powers, buried them or put the energy into something else but I’d like some help. I do tarot for my friends. So far I haven’t been wrong. I tried doing a big magic thingy about 2 years ago and I felt myself become really really close to doing it but I stopped because I lost some of my drive. I think loss of passionate feeling is the clog. Either way I’m ready to try again. I might be in need of assistance if I’m wrong.

    • David Hodgson says:

      Hi Jamie, Being 17is a hard time for anyone. Almost anyone at that age will have a hard time maintaining the focus that you need to practice controlled magic. Work on your meditation skills to regain your concentration and it will all come back to you stronger than ever.

  19. Laura says:

    I am 23 years old now and have come to the conclusion that I am a natural born witch. During my childhood I was intrigued by nature especially running water and I have always had a love for dogs. I would shut my eyes and see different forms thinking nothing of them, just that they were fun to look at. I always had extremely vivid dreams and deja vu but never could really understand why. I always had the reoccurring dream that started floating into the air and it was the most exhilarating feeling I’ve ever experienced (because during my dreams, my feelings are heightened).
    During my adolesence, I started feeling stronger signs that I was somehow different than others. Strange little things would happen to me. I would sing a song or think of a song and it would be on the radio when I turned it on. I stared at my light in my bedroom and it automatically turned off and then on again. I still kept on having vivid dreams, this time paying closer attention to the details. I would predict my test scores, when it would rain, others I can’t quite remember. Strange thing about this is, my sister and my mother always would tell me about their strange dreams putting their complete trust in me. I also felt much more in tune with other people’s emotions and the way humans interact, espeically when it came to students at my school.
    It wasn’t until I was 22 (last year) that I made my second trip to Chile (I am a Spanish Teacher). The year before, I had gone to a party and instantly became connected with a Chilean boy (he will stay nameless, respectfully). I knew I couldn’t profess my feelings to him for I knew in my heart that it would never work between us, although I thought he could be my soulmate. The year after, I went to visit him only once. That night I met his mother who instantly asked me, “Do you dream often? In color? Are they vivid?” I answered yes. She said that I am witch because she is a witch and she felt a very strong connection, perhaps we could have been friends or sisters in another life. She then took my hands and layed them palms facing up. She put her palms over mine and they were hot. She indicated that this warmth I felt from her hands was that I am indeed a witch and that I should follow my intuition because it is very strong. I asked the boy if his mother has ever said that to any of his friends before, his replying being no.

    Since then, my interest has sparked, very much so these past few months. The things that I experienced as a teenager are happening again with the radio. The Chilean witch told my I should follow my instinct, something I have put more heart to these days. I finally broke up with a past boyfriend, having just a few months later found the perfect match for me. In between that time period though, something VERY stange happened. Let me elaborate if you’re still interested in reading my case: A boy that I was seeing used me to a level in which I felt almost hatred for him. He gave me a picture of him and one days as I cleaned my apartment I came across it. Instinctavely, I ripped up the picture and threw it in the garbage, my eye pointing the next moment to a candle I was burning. I took the fragment of picture that was his head, and I burnt it in the flame thinking “curse you, curse you”. Not to find out only a week or two later did he tell me that he had hit a deer with his new car. If he had swerved, that deer could have killed him. I meant no real harm to him, but I did want him to feel a little pain. Could that have happened from the somewhat curse I put on him?
    I also have had two extremely vivid dreams that end with me waking abruptly feeling quite scared what has happened in the dream (one being the world ending, two being random men on the hunt to murder me).
    Lastly, I have seen there are certain phsyical signs of a witch. I have red hair, I am left-handed, taller than the rest of my family, have freckles, and most parculiar of all, I was born with a cataract over my entire right eye, which was removed by surgery as an infant (needless to say, my right eye is functioning from the successful surgery).

    It all coincides and now that I am older and more aware of who I am as a person, I feel very compelled to accept that I very much could be a natural born witch!

    • David Hodgson says:

      Hi Laura, it does sound like you have some extrodinary talents that could be developed with practice. Your vivid dreams you are describing sound to me like you were experiencing astral projection. This will give you the feeling of deja vu. This is because you actually have been there and done that before, but in the astral plane. Keep the desire alive and use a journal to document your progress.

  20. Sherri Buxton says:

    I decided to research this topic. Before I did so I KNEW I would read all these “signs” and I knew that they would all apply to myself. Odd. I’ve always known I was a natural witch I am the 7th first born daughter in a a row and so on. I’ve also had a fear of exploring the world of witchcraft. I’m not sure where to use this natural ability. I use it in daily life, and I tell my family the dreams I have and warn them of things that tend to come true. I’ve also dabbled with Tarot and LOVED it. Until of course I would have had to tell a friend that a guy she liked was only using her for sex, and I decided it wasn’t worth it. I’m wanting to do more with my gifts but am not sure where to take them.

    • David Hodgson says:

      Deciding what to do with your natural gifts is always a question that everyone needs to ask themselves. This does not only apply to witchcraft, but to every part of your life.

  21. Haven says:

    The things that happen to me are the things that you described every single one. Like you were going into my memories and describing what was happening. But you see is that i have a friend that wants to be a witch. She asked me for some pointers and all i could say was it just comes naturally, she was not happy about my answer. AND ONE MORE THING is it bad to witch, because some people give me bad looks and mock me and stuff about it.

    • David Hodgson says:

      Walking the path of the witch is neither good or bad. It just is and as far as how people treat you, you must remember people fear what they can’t understand.

  22. Victoria says:

    Well I answered yes to all of the above. This explains alot for me,, like last year when i did meet a witch and she smiled and told me i was a good lil kitchen witch ,,not to worry..or how i went into a magic store and she swear she knows me. My list goes on and on. This will not be hard for me to pick up..because I live this way normally, hence why i dig the natural witch part .. thanks for the info 🙂


  23. becky says:

    when i was five i had a dream of a witch pointing her finger at me and telling me to come with her…i wasn’t scared..but i have been confused with my life after that…and i am 36 now…

  24. Chyenne L. says:

    Im only 14, and i’ve only just started having a couple of these experiences. I’ve had several dreams that have happened to me in life. I’ve had an experience with a dog in my neighborhood, that had gotten lost somehow, and while sitting with one of my friends, i had gotten a strong urge to go to the train station a couple of blocks away from my house. Once i had gotten there, i had found the dog sitting at the bottom of the stairs. I’ve known the names of people i have met for the first time before they were introduced. The sound of running water and wind make me feel relaxed. I dont read minds, but i can tell what my friends/family members may say next. Im not sure if this is a sign that i may be a natural witch, but i can predict which way the wind will blow just by pointing a finger in the direction i feel most vulnerable. I know how it sounds. And because whenever i tell someone i am accused of lying, im begining to think im lying to myself.

    • David Hodgson says:

      Keep a journal of all these things that happen to you. Then when you read it at a later date you can see that you are not deceiving yourself.

  25. leah says:

    i can predict things and i seem to do all the signs that were mentioned above but i’m really scared i’ve only recently looked into these things and i’m 14. i really want to tell someone but some how i think if i turned around to my mum and told her i was a witch i think she would think i’d lost it. i don’t know what to do and i’m feel really alone any advice would be usefull thanks x

  26. Aphrodite says:

    Ok, so not to rain on everyone’s parade on here, but being a witch is a CHOICE. Yes, many of us are born with gifts and affinities, but Witchcraft is a way of life, and is not defined by what you were born with. Many people have psychic abilities, and few of them make the choice to fine tune those abilities, but that doesn’t make them witches. Many people have prophetic dreams and can sense or even feel other people’s emotions, but the only thing that would make them witches is if they choose that path. Not to say all of you don’t have unique and special talents, and I encourage you all to develop them further. But there is a very real and very huge difference between natural affinites or gifts, and Witchcraft. Please, let’s not confuse the two. Things are hard enough for us as it is.


  27. Rena says:

    can sombody have some of these but not all or most and still be a natural witch?

  28. kim says:

    I dont know where to start I have dreams about the future I have even had dreams where I have talked to people in my family that have passed away and they told me things they only knew! I always get this feeling when some I know is going to get pregnant. I get this strong warning feeling when danger is near! sometimes I feel like I know things and I dont know how and the list just goes on and on! So many things have happened in my life that I have just considered weird until now. nothing added up and I always had this feeling like something was missing in my life almost as if something had been calling me and I never understood what until now! Im still scared cause I dont know how to control or use my power and I have always felt so alone its hard for me to talk about with others cause they just look at me like im making it up! The only thing I know for sure is witchcraft seems to be my path, some of my family has told me that my great grandma was a witch but they dont like talking about it so I never mentioned that I thought I was! If anyones knows of anything that could help me or point in the right direction i would really appericate it!

  29. sb says:

    Everything you have mentioned on this list except the love of gardening applies to me and then some.

    I can even see and sense spirits and have out-of-body experiences (mostly involuntarily) and make things happen. My daughter can do this too.

    Ever since before the age of 4 years old, I had earned myself several spankings from my Christian grandmother for declaring in front of all her church friends that my name was Micky, Mick or Mickey instead of my own name. And when they cornered me for “lying,” I replied that that was my name before “I died.” I have always sensed that I was most likely Irish and I have a very strong inclination that I was a powerful warlock or something along those lines in a past life.

    I’m a black female, but I do not have any of the same interests, speak or behave like most of the other “typical” black females. My ex-husband is a white man whom I’m certain is/was a soul-mate from another lifetime. He has a kind of a mystical type personality too.

    Right before first time I met him, I sensed his presence before I walked into a small, school function I was supposed to attend. Something within myself told me that my husband was in the next room. When I saw him, it was like, “Hello, where have you been, I haven’t seen you in a long time,” type of feeling. He felt it too even though I was so intimidated by this experience I hid behind a flower arrangement the whole time until he moved it out the way and told me he could sense my presence from behind the plant. We married exactly a year later. (We’re not together anymore, but I have not been able to form a emotional (romantic-type) bond with anyone else ever since).

    I feel that I’m a natural witch, but never really took it (extremely) serious enough for formal training. (I did get some books when I was a pre-teen because I was like, “What the hell is wrong with me?” when I dreamed my grandfather would die and he died a week later, the same day in my dream, the same way I dreamed it would happen.

    What I”m going through right now has prompted enough concern that I started looking for some answers which is how I found myself here.

    I think I have made a spirit very upset with me for lecturing him. What happened was that I had a very weird dream about a man running through a graveyard next door to my job-place (we’re not next door to a graveyard as far as I know.)

    Wouldn’t you know, that the exact same time I’m dreaming this, a man had gotten himself shot and killed by the SWAT team at my job. (He had killed his mother in florida, fled to our state, used his credit card to check into our hotel and tried to attack the police when confronted)

    The cops were still there when I came in for my shift later that day. Even later, near the end of my shift, I felt his presence. I could sense that he felt angry about being dead. I could see glimpses of him, he knocked brochures off the counter and passed by me with enough force for me to feel wind.

    That’s when I got a hair-brained idea. I lectured him about making the wrong choices in life and that’s how he got himself in this situation. I told him that if he gets a chance at another lifetime he should make better choices.

    Ever since then when I have awakened in my own bed at home, I have unexplained scratches, and/or surface cuts that dripping with blood either on my legs or back. And getting back to the out-of-body experiences, I had something like that yesterday morning, but like a failed attempt at it. I felt awake but I couldn’t move. I was trying to make myself either go to sleep or just complete the involuntary OBE. I woke up with a sense that the inital start of it was manipulated by something other than my own subconsciousness.

    And this is why I’m here, because it’s probably time to take this a litte more seriously than I have been and I need some help and/or advice.


  30. Luminitia says:

    Thank you, most fascinating information.

    I would like to know more about the rumored physical traits of natural witches. I have read of these, red hair, a ‘sixth finger’ usually removed at birth these days, so this one could be dodgey to speculate on. Also, apparently height, the term I’ve read is “monstrous height” so, I would venture ‘very tall’.

    Can anyone confirm, or add to the list of physical traits?

  31. Eve says:

    Thank you for the post, I’ve had some of these experiences too.

    Back when I was little, I would have fits around the full moon and be practically a devil child. I would complain much more, throw bigger tantrums, and scream louder. I, also, would get these incredible mind-splitting migranes which made everything worse.

    Another time, I was unsure about petting my friend’s dog even though I absolutely love animals. It just kept barking at me and I was still unsure when I went to go pet it. I suddenly started to tense up and the dog snapped at me and I had this horrible gash on my face. It’s been about 7 years and there is no scar at all.

    I also get these chills. I’ll be somewhere else (at a friends or at a store) and I’ll shiver under a heater even though it’s warm. No one else shivers under the heaters only me and I’ll be extremely cold for the rest of the time.

    I’ve also looked at a book or a movie and felt like I’ve seen it.

    Now all the time, I’ll look at someone, I’ll see them and an outline of them but the outline is in colors.

  32. Savannah says:

    I have been having unexplained anxiety … like I am waiting for something or someone… I can’t exactly pin point what it is. But it has been keeping me up a lot. I can’t even share with others as I’m not entirely sure what that could be. It is a deep almost gut feeling about something… very odd!

    Anyone know what this could be?

  33. MysteriousYouth says:

    It’s so weird cause my mom said that my grandmother was a witch. But my family is actually half witch and half psychic.

  34. Anthony S. says:

    Hello, my name is Anthony S. I have had several experiences in my 14 year life span that have been very supernatural, or perfectly natural, depending on your view of the paranormal. These experiences have at times involved my mother, who I believe to be somewhat psychic. Ever since I can remember I have been interested in magick.

    When I was eight, my stepfather died of a massive heart attack one night. I was there. My mother told me that one night earlier she had had a dream where a voice/bright light from the sky told her a loved one would soon die. After his death, my mother decided to move from the place she was then living. As she and her friends where helping her move the refrigerator out of the trailor, my friends and I were out in the backyard playing. I looked up at one of the windows in the back of the trailor, which was covered in a green plastic material, and I saw a shadow of a head with a baseball cap on it. My stepfather always wore baseball caps. My friends and I decided to go into the trailor for a closer look. We opened the back door, and looked to the area where the window was and saw nothing. We then went to my mother’s bedroom, where my stepfather had actually died a few days prior. It was very icy cold, and when we looked at the closet (which still held a few articles of clothing), the clothes moved as if a hand where brushing across them. We ran out, being little children and easily frightened. The rest of the house was warm.

    Five month’s later, on my birthday, my mother’s friend Traci gave me a spellbook for my birthday. It was simple enough, with a pink candle, rose oil, and a rose quartz included. It had spells for friendship, love, healing, forgiveness, etc. It was my first formal introduction to real magick.

    A few years later, when I was somewhere around 9-10 years old, I accompanied my mother and her friend Shawn to the fleamarket in a town nearby. Shawn’s boyfriend also came. After a long day of shopping, we decided to head to the house where Shawn and her boyfriend where staying. When we got there, I followed Shawn’s boyfriend into the basement, where some of his friends (all middle-aged men) where playing pool. In the corner of the room I saw a staff that looked somewhat like something you’d expect a Native American shaman to have. It had feathers and pieces of antlers and bones attached to it with pieces of leather. Shawn’s boyfriend told me not to touch it because it was used in Witchcraft. I touched it anyway, but it had no immediate effect. A few hours later, we all (my mother, Shawn, her boyfriend, and me) all went to my mother’s new home. On the way there we passed a cemetary and I started crying all of a sudden. One minute I was fine and the next I was crying like a baby. I remember being sad because my dog had been ran over a few days earlier. Shawn’s boyfriend asked if I had touched the staff and I confessed. The next day I was fine, but the memory has stuck with me forever.

    Sometimes during all of these events, I remember watching a show on voodoo. We where going to town after I watched the show. My mother, Shawn, and some other people I can’t remember, and me where heading to town when I took a piece of soft fabric, just playing around, and made it into a human shape. Shawn asked me who it was and I said that it was my mother. I then proceded to tear off the leg. A few months later she contracted Staph infection in her leg, and had to cut a good sized chunk out of it.

    One time, just a few years ago when I was around the age of 12-13, I bought a Witchcraft book at another fleamarket. While reading it one night, I heard a crash in the kitchen. My mother thought that it was me, and so yelled from her room to go to bed. I went into her room and told her that I was in my bedroom, not in the kitchen. I then went into the kitchen but couldn’t find any evidence of anything being dropped. No dishes where in the sink, nothing else could have caused it. After this experience I stopped witchcraft for a while.

    These past few years of my life have been miserable. I have been practicing Witchcraft on and off because every time I start I get a guilty conscious because my grandparents always took me to church every Sunday. I suggest that if practicing Witchcraft makes you feel bad, then don’t. Just because you are unsatisfied with your current faith doens’t mean you have to give up on it. I have discovered that there are other denominations of Christianity that fit better with my belief system and I don’t have to practice Witchcraft anymore. If Witchcraft does appeal to you, though, then who am I to stand in your way? Follow your heart and stay true to yourself, something I learned the hard way.

  35. jacqueline (jacky) says:

    janelle, when i was i was around your age i began to make spells i dont know where i got it from i just knew… then one day i read about witchcraft and i found out what i was doing ….. also things i would wish would come true… but soemthings i regret… seems that even hurtful things cames to be…. so be careufl what you wish for,if you are a natural witch there is more chances your spells will be stronger…

  36. Sonya says:

    I am a Christian but I seems to possess certain abilities. I have connections with animals, can influence the weather, I can sense things that are going to happen, I know what people are feeling, I have strange dreams that come true, I can also sense things that are near although I can’t see them. Although I am only 21, I seem to be alot more alert than others my age and connect better with more elderly and wize individuals who have seen it all, rather than people my own age. Although my abilities seem cool, they are scary and I often can’t control them. I can control the fire at times, and can make the tv flicker and turn off, and can make the wind stronger and the rain stop but its not long before I am drained of energy, and I have no way of replenishing my powers so I can’t use them often. Since I don’t know knowone who is like me I was hoping someone could give my some advice.

  37. Scared says:

    i’m still a child and i have been told my grandmother was special she could see the future and stuff like that. i realize most people think i’m lieing but i have seen the future and had family call me that i haven’t talk to in ages because i was thinking of it i often think that something bad will happen and it does is that my powers or am i just crazy? because i’m scared and if it’s my powers i want to learn to comtrol it and help those who need it most with out them even realizing it.

  38. Jackie says:

    All my life i have been interested in the supernatural and i never knew why. My grandma always told me it was evil. I remeber when i was five i heard my first spirit it was a man he said my name he scared the crap out of me. Not long after that i saw him for the first time. All my life i have been able to do “strange things” as my family calls it. (We never talk about it because they consider it evil. I have had dreams that have came true, i have had many deja vu’s or at least thats what i call them, i have had dreams of me from the past (I know this all sounds crazy but its all true) I later found out that i could do other things besides see and hear ghosts/spirits. I can also look at a picture at a person i have never met before and tell you about them and the people around them, i can heal people with my energy, and have dreams constantly that come true. I had asked my mom about all this and she can also do these things. I have also been able to find out that my great grandmother was able to predict the future and was a healer like myself. The only problem that i am having with all of this is i was raised in a Christian house hold. I have never been to religious like my other family members but i am trying to decide what to do if you can be a Christian witch or if you have to choose.

  39. Mary says:

    I can remember that I always was interested in the supernatural. I usually have dreams that are strange but come true. One time I had a dream that I lost a pair of scissors (strange but thats what i dreamed) and it was on the top of a shelf.The next morning i looked on the top of the shelf and the pair of scissors was there. And there are sometimes strange and random things that happen to me. Like one time in class i was angry at this girl and i lifted my hand to tell her to “talk to the hand” and a POSTER fell on her head!!! And one time the whole class was watching a video that we had NEVER seen before and i told my best friend that i seen the whole video before. But never really saw it. I predicted the whole video to her and it was correct. I was at school and some one said that i was a witch and i said i wasn’t , but i kinda lied. I have witch books and i keep them from my family because im afraid that they might judge me. Once my father changed the light bulb in my room and after he was done i went to turn the lights on and some how i think i had to do with an exploding light bulb. (so basically i went to turn on the light bulb and it exploded. It was a NEW light bulb also.) And during the full moon i feel like flying or another strange feeling. I have also taken “are you a witch quizzes and they said I AM a witch but i need a 3rd source to make sure.
    can you guys please tell me if im a witch?
    Thx a bunches,

  40. Sadie says:

    this is kinda weird because this happens 2 me n my 2 other cuzins all the time,my grandma she would always tell us we were special and we would find out later on in our lives 1 time we were playing with a candle and my cousin started saying weird stuff an which way the flame was going to move and it moved the ways she said it would an at a party i was saying all who was coming the first and so on people i named came in right as i said they would come i find this weird i n ever thought witches could exist.

  41. love says:

    i need more signs

  42. Ivyanne says:

    hi, throughout my whole life i always had this feeling that i had some kind of power or something rather that i could not explain nor explore.I had tryed explaining it to my father my friends ect, however this feeling is unexplainable.When i was younger i would see things.. not your everyday things i have seen black holes in my walls in my old appartment have had preminitions and i can easily finnsh peoples sentences without even taking intrest in them when i was younger when i was in a “mood” things would happen my body would heat up myeye would dialate my teeth would clench and i felt like something very very powerful was about to happen i would be more aware of my surroundings to say the least. I went to my dads girlfriends family mambers house in camrose and i knew the way there and wich house it was i had seen it before in a dream it used to be my house in my dream almost as if it were in my past life, the strange thing is i had never been to camrose before in ths lifetime! whenever i talk about music it seems that song wll be playing if i turn on the t.v or the radio.sometimes when i look at something i will start to concentrate on it without realizing and space off and see things. i know when something bad is going to happen sometimes days before it does.I have deja vu quite often almost too often , and i had just recently gotten a tattoo i’ve always had a thing for the half moon so i designed one that knew i would love for ever, well turns out as i am researching about wiccans i see this symbol .. it’s my tattoo i find all of this very strange and i feel very strongly about it im not sure in wich way but i do .. most of the signs had shown when i was a kid i still have them but not as obviously as i did beforei am now 18years old as of the 4th of july this feeling has never really faded …….. i am hoping for some serious insight so if anyone could halp me my e-mail is

    thank you so much ,


  43. Sandra says:

    Aren’t the things you mentioned just the same as a 6th sense? I have a 6th sense but it doesn’t mean I am a witch, that’s forsure. I am a christian who does not practice such spiritual things

    • David Hodgson says:

      Being a witch is a most confusing thing. First there are so many definitions of what exactly is a witch or even witchcraft. If Moses slapped down his staff and it became a serpent in the bible… that’s a miracle , but if I did that, it would be witchcraft. If you performed CPR on a person 200 years ago and saved their life, you would be tried as a witch. Where is that line? 6th sense > witchcraft?

  44. ellie says:

    im 12 and i can see the furture in my dreams rarely in the daylight though but my mother had this power and i get deja vu a lot so does my brother me and my father both are very inlove with nature.All of my family has hard feelings to explain.I never thought of being witch but my dreams say to much and i see auras and read mindes there all really weak but i believe i can get better.

  45. What ever your talents are, what you must do is first to learn more about what your talents are and then learn to control and develop them to make them more powerful.

  46. Ashley says:

    I can see the future in my dreams, but only about people I know such as friends and family. Once I had a dream of two of my friends falling in love. It happened, just like it did in my dream. Or I’ll see something else, and then it happens! It’s so realistic. I have most of these signs, so now what…?

    • David Hodgson says:

      That’s simple. Just learn as much as you can. I don’t want to sound like I’m just promoting here, but sign up for my newsletter. I will be revealing many secrets.

  47. lidia says:

    Hi thanks for the post I found it informative but I still have ??s… I hope that someone who has the knowledge would be kind enough to contact me. Greeneyebutafly@aim
    Females in my family have always had a nack for dreaming the future. I have also but never really paid much attention. 2 days ago though I had a very unusual dream. In it I think someone close tried to tell me they will die soon and then my grandmother tells me later in my dream that I am a witch. Strange emotions have taken over me since. I also had a horrid feeling of danger and banned any1 from entering or exiting my house 4 24hrs. I feel like I’m lookin out a mirror at a different world than I 1ce new. My sences r keener & I’m finishing sentences when I speak w/ppl. I’m not sure if this means anything or not but if it does maybe some1 can help me explore it? Please contact on im or email.

    • David Hodgson says:

      It sounds like you’ve had a breakthrough. I love it when that happens. It’s like your in a completely new world that was created just for you.. and it was. Pay close attention to everything going on around you, things are really going to start changing.

  48. Brittany says:

    Ever since i was little i can remember “strange” things happening. I can know the exact time without looking at a clock, i know when it will rain, and if i try hard enough i can make it rain…I can make things happen without doing a thing. I can remember i was hanging out with my friends and i really just wanted to go home, but they all wanted to go out and have more “fun”, all i can remember is that i went inside my mind, and thought and thought hard for something to happen, as we were headed out one of my friends tire went flat and we went home…I know who a person is just by reading their energy and seeing through their eyes..For mom dated a lot after my parents divorced and she started to date this guy..I KNEW from the moment that i met him his past, his intentions and who he mom didn’t believe me and stuck with him for 4 years…after everything..i was right about it all..everything that i had felt and already knew was true. My dreams haunt me…i can feel everything. I am 22 now, and am able to control my intuition to a point where i choose what i want to feel..and see. I need guidance to further my gifts, and my thoughts…

  49. Rachel says:

    My mom has always told me that my grandmother had a second sence. like she once told my mom she was going to crash her car one night guess what happend. ever since i could remember i would have strang dreams some times it would come true even now. one time i meet this guy and i told him i could guess 10 things about him each thing i said was right he now calls me sikik girl. i am into books about vampires and stuff but it hasnt warped my mind yet i’ve known that i;m not normal. for few weeks i got mad at my stepdad and had a dream that him and my mom would get a divorce so i thought about it some more, guess what happened they split up and thats what got me wondering. my grandma died when i was 9 she was boren in japan and i have no one to ask but could it be possible that i’m a natural witch and if my grandmother knew she didnt tell any one but i havent either

    i would like to know from a real witch

    • David Hodgson says:

      While there is something to be said for the inheritance of natural witch tendencies (my father was a witch) , a witch gene perhaps or maybe you pick your parents. Being a natural witch is beyond the body that you were born into. Each life you bring with you the powers that you have cultivated in previous lives, but you must make the decision to practice those powers and to advance them within each life time.

  50. janelle says:

    All the things you say to being a natural witch is pretty much things that happen to me all the time and im only 13 and for most of my life this had interested me very much and im trying to learn and read about eveything i should and need to know and i would love to know the thought that id be a witch or pretty close to it so thanks for this if you have any recomendations or anything you should tell me id love to listen

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