Signs of being a Natural Witch

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Are you a Natural Witch?


Natural Witch

Just about anyone can become a witch, but there are some people that just seem to be born with a talent for witchcraft and are considered a natural witch.

Below are some signs that you might be a natural witch.

  • Have you ever had the experience that you were thinking about talking to someone only to have the phone ring and that person was on the other end. That’s a sign you might be a natural witch.
  • If you’ve had a premonition that something was going to happen and then it did. That’s a sign that you might be a natural witch.
  • Have you had a lucid dream in which some of the things in the dream came true. Then you may be a natural witch.
  • Have you wished for something and as if by magic it happened, this could be as simple as needing some money and then find some money on the ground shortly after. Then you might be a natural witch.
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  • Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been somewhere that you couldn’t have been or had a conversation with someone, but you know that you couldn’t have. Then you may be a natural witch.
  • Do you have feelings that are hard to explain and that the people around you don’t understand. Natural witches are more sensitive to their surroundings than the average person. It’s not that you are sensing something that isn’t there it’s that other people are not aware of all the things that are going around them all the time.
  • Natural witches also tend to be more intelligent than most. They have a heighten awareness that lets them experience things that pass most people by. They are more independent and are not as likely to follow the crowd.
  • They are very in tune with nature. Natural witches have an affinity with animals and usually do well in the garden. They find natures sounds to be soothing, but at the same time energizing.

Here of some examples of experiences that I’ve had that could be signs of being a natural witch.

One time I went to a friends house that I’ve never been to and when I got there I had an overwhelming feeling that I had been there before. I walked around the house and I knew what each room looked like and where all the furniture was even before I enter each room.

Another time I was having a conversation with a friend and I knew everything they were going to say even before they said it.

These are typical signs of being a natural witch.

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Do you believe I have been threatened for writing this post. Maybe it was a misunderstanding.

Natural Witch and a Threat?

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250 comments on “Signs of being a Natural Witch
  1. Ariel says:

    All the women on my moms side of the family, up to my grandma, were all white witches. My grandma chose to be a Jehovah’s Witness, so did my mom and one of my aunts. Now I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and I never agreed with all of it. I’m starting to get more into witch craft, and I seem to be a natural at it. Could a natural ability run in my family? Or do I just have a stronger sense of what goes on around me?

  2. KeeshaD says:

    I have been told that I am a natural born witch. I don’t know if this is true but, I do know that there are certain things that are true and therefore I am very careful of my thoughts and actions. When I was 4 a black cat came to me. It was sitting on my window seal. Every girl that my ex cheated on me with has died violently and/ or tragically. I usually just know things. I can want or need something and it happens. I have telling dreams that always come true. I have only done two or three spells but they always work. I have stones that I charged by the moonlight and I allowed a friend to hold her hand over them as I held them and it scared her. because she could feel the energy coming from them. I have been told that it runs in my family. I know that my daughter has this ability as well. I however struggle with the right and wrong of it. I don’t believe God would give me these gifts if I want meant to have them but, the bible speaks against it. if anyone had some helpful advise please let me know. I’d be very interested to hear your thoughts.

  3. mouli khamaru says:

    i can always sense if something bad is going to happen. i can always tell what’s on somebody’s mind. whenever I want something bad I end up getting it like today I was in the bus and I saw this cute guy and wished he would come and talk to me and he did ask for my phone number. i have a hell lot of lucky hunches. i find full moon very lonely and sad. so i was wondering are these things normal or am i a witch?/

  4. nakita says:

    ok I am 12 years old and when I am angry it rains with hevy wind but when I am happy its sunny with a bit of wind and i can read peoples minds does that mean I am a witch?

  5. will says:

    i, dont believe i am a which or have power i just cant believe this to be real! but ever since i was kid i can feel other peoples pains and actually hear there thoughts from time to time!!
    at times it scares me cause i dont know if its real or me or what? i thought about talking with doctors but i dont want to hear im crazy or get locked up but its real?
    and for many year have been looking for answer and not sure where to go with out people thinking im crazy!!!!

    • Gregory says:

      Let me tell you one thing, your not crazy many humani can have the special talent to read the minds of others, and also feel their pains. The only way to proclaim being a witch, is if you except your role for being a witch, for now you are a humani with special talents.

    • C. says:

      You might be an empath. Being an empath is when you’re affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I never knew what happened but many times if anything horrible is going to happen I know it. Because I dream of it at night.

  7. Brandy says:

    I have a long line of family members that practice witchcraft for las long as we have our family tree going back it ended with my mother of practicing it scared her I have always felt different and felt as a witch always wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned About my family history my grandmother passed away when I was four( I have many vivid memories of her) I have had these expierence a a millions times and especially between me and an ex that I’m still friends with like I go years without seeing him and dream about him for like a week and run into him I know when he would get in trouble with his wife (she didn’t like me) for speaking I dreamy of that I dreamy of my husbands area of where he lived and never been there (we are split and I actually had nightmares so possibly a sign) I have had devou millions of times and honestly I just want to explore even just educate myself on this I have always felt different and this makes sense but wish I could talk to someone to maybe explain things to me I also can predict pregnancies and unfor. 1 misscarriage but I just like to know where I could go to ask questions and just learn about this part of my family history and what does it mean to be a natural witch?

  8. Coco says:

    I always sing a song right before it comes on the radio. I have dreams and years later they come true. What scares me the most as tragic as it is… All my birthdays tend to be awful. Something either happens right before or on. I was excited for my birthday last year but at the same time I had an awful feeling. I felt like there was going to be an accident. And it was going to involve my best friend. She turned 21 9 days before my 20th birthday. I drove her to the bars even though I couldn’t go in… I wanted to make sure she was safe. After her birthday I shrugged the feeling off. 4 days after we got into an argument and she decided to move out. I didn’t even say by because I felt so hurt she was leaving. The next day, three days before my birthday, I got a phone call at work. She died in a car accident. I don’t know how I could of known… But it scares me…

    • Cyndi says:

      Hello. Some sequence of events that had occured on my birthday has catapulted me into a depressive state, forced me to question everything and droven me to seek for answers. I dont know what I believe in but I know that I answered yes to every sample above.
      Although Ive never met you I wish to tell you that I am sorry for what happened to your best friend. Wishing you to heal, if you accept my wishes.
      I have to tell you we have something in common that Ive never met or even heard of anyone else experiencing the same. That is, ever since I was about 8 or 9 years old, every one of my birthdays were filled with disappointments, hurt and sadness. Also, that my powers and what I think I know scares me too.

      I dont know if you want to talk to another girl about your life experiences in this aspect but I thought I just open up and share. I hope something positive growth and strength wise transpire from this.

      Take care,


  9. Aneira Silvermoon Wolf says:

    I do not believe that these sign ultimately indicate a natural born witch. Although all of these have occurred in my lifetime and I am a natural born witch. Who am I to say this is fool-proof?

  10. Jessica says:

    I have had many of the signs that are listed above the most promimant are premonisions, lucid dreams, feeling things others don’t feel,seeing spirits not a sign but an ability that i have, all this stuff seems to run in the family.

  11. Krista says:

    I had a dream on January 18, 2000 that I was going to get hit by a car. The thing is I was eight years old, and didn’t believe myself at the time, but now I believe every dream I have, because on that exact day, I did get hit by a car.

  12. Chelsea says:

    i had some of my dreams come true and told my friend but she said that it happens to everyone and i wanted too find out if she was right or not so i searched this and now i know that shes wrong so thank you 🙂

    • Chelsea says:

      and last year i thought about it thundering here where i live (btw it doesnt thunder here) and it actually thundered 😀 also i love nature and animals but the other 2 things haven’t happened to me yet oh btw im 11 yrs old

  13. Elli Bez.... says:

    Have you guys ever heard a voice that was eithier familiar or not call your name, this happens to me atleast once a year and usually no ones there or even close and once i heard someone who sounded sort of like my cousin but my cousin wasnt there and other times its been other peoples voices and I know it isnt me just thinking that and i know that cause it usually happened when im relaxing ands been happening since i can remember.So im 12 and i dont think its happened in a while but it seems kind of weird and just so you know of what i remember i dont think its happended outside of my house and my house is 120 years old and i know before i was born and my parents moved here, a long time ago there was a girl a few years older than me who died but the voice is usually different do you think i may be a natural witch or something paranormal is going on or what, but seriously and i think my parents think im joking usually i just ignore the voices but when i saw this it just seemed like it had something to do with it and i also know im related to gypsies and those are sometimes associated witchcraft thanks. 🙂

    • daisy says:

      That happens to me. When i hear water running or
      rustling of trees I hear voices. (am I messed up??)

      I also have had dreams where something happens
      in a dream then it happens in real life.
      I have also drawn pentagrams quite a lot throughout
      life and things ike that. I AM 11!

      • Elli Bez.... says:

        Daisy, I don’t think your crazy at all I mean I know spirits exist whether they died suddenly, died in a bad way, or had unfinished business I guess they try to talk to sometimes probably I mean I feel very bad for ghosts they must be so lonely they don’t have anyone to talk to so wouldntyou try to talk to people. I’m guessing ghosts only talk to people who are willing to listen or maybe we are natural witchs and thats why they try to talk to us I mean I have had other weird things happen to me too. Thanks for responding.

  14. Angela says:

    I start to notice before I started witchcraft was I can feel negative energy also know whats gonna happen before it happens this started since I was 11yrs old. Now im 23 yrs old i can sense it still it just comes so fast without warning. Also My birthday was on Midsummer June 22 that explains why my family don’t celebrate on my birthday :C they are christian and don’t understand.

  15. Megan says:

    im always seeing things before they happen, or seeing things that my family can’t around the house, wished for something and as if by magic it happened, or recognized places ive never been…my prarents think im crazy…

  16. Ali says:

    I need an explaination. I have always loved nature and felt as if I was ONE with it. I believe in witchcraft, ghosts, ancient legends and believe in using natural products and remedies. But I dont know if this means anything and if it does how to even practice without my family knowing and thinking im wierd. I recently read this book about natural witches and it said “a natural witch isnt the witch that was born into the family but one who believes and practices natural magc as a natural witch like from the beginning. I feel like I should try to practice it because I feel that sense of nature with me and the spirits watching over me. I love nature and feel so connected with is does this mean I could be a practiced witch or a natural or what. I really dont know and would really like someone to just respond.

  17. C.E says:

    Ever since I was little and even now every once and a while I’ll hear someone calling my name. I’ve tried asking people but they say it wasn’t them- sometimes it would be an older voice while other times a younger and I’ve seen a faint glow or shadow around some people sometimes if I stare long enough. I’ve had these dreams that I can never remeber what they are but get these feelings of weither they are good or bad and sometimes when I go some places I get this over powering feeling I have been there before or get powerful déjà vu. I’ve also always felt more mature then people my age and never really have to study for things because things stick in my head. I only just looked this stuff up cause I was bored but when I read it lots of things were things that I feel or have had happen, I’ve always be drawn to the supernatural and mythological and this is just too weirdly awesome.

  18. Kristen says:

    Everytime i’m in my room , i can hear these voices in my head screaming and saying random things and when i think to hard they dont scream as much. My mom has always told me she was’nt a witch, But i sometimes sneak around my house and find witch books, candles and other weird things. I also have dreams very rare once in a while where it happens the next day or in the future, but never in the past. I have made a spell before to out of my own creativity and ive used it on several people and it has worked. So i guess i am a witch.

    • James Westmoreland says:

      you came by being a Natural Borm Witch in a better way than I.
      A Witch who lived next door became Irritated with my whole family and cursed My family and the land on which we lived. The Result has been terrible .
      everyone in my immediate familymhas one form of Cancer except me. My Sister contracted cancer when she was 19 and is 70.
      She says I’m crazy because I Say I’m a Natural Witch( some may say I’m a warlock but I’m secure in my sexuality and I like The word Witch) Because I do
      not worship Pagan gods( I’m a born again Christian I do not consider myself a Wiccan) I’m just a Witch. I’m 55 now and being a Witch has its’ good points and bad , By speaking and thinking one word or one thought 3 people have died. One was a very good friend. That was 33 years ago and it hurts just as badly as it did then. If you have the real gift, use it wisely and remember what ever you send out will come back on you 3 times as what it went out.
      Don’t hold in or send out any thing to hurt anything.
      Remember what a wiseman once said “All You need is Love” John Lennon.
      God bless You and Blessed It Be, Young One.

    • Jessie says:

      Kristen, these sound like hallucinations. Have you ever been screened for schizophrenia?

  19. madey says:

    This reminds me of well me! i dream or see things before it happens i feel strange things every once and a while… i hear random whispers (i know its not wrighten up there!) and all the rest so by the way this artical says i am a natural born witch 😐 ( it’s kinda weird in my mind wierdest moment when i found this doing a school progect!)

  20. Sarah says:

    My mom thinks im crazy but ever since i was little ive always heard voicesthat wisper my name, sometimes the voices are people i know or end up meeting but most of the time its voices i dont recovnize. It mostly happens when im in a quiet room or if the room im in is super loud

  21. Anesha says:

    I remember since I was little I would be able to hear things whispering my name, it seriously freaked me out at first. Whenever I’m in my basement I can just feel something really evil down there, I ask my family but they don’t feel anything. I can see things that are not there all the time, most of the things I see just feel good. Many times throughout the day, I can just feel something very cold pass through me, I can be in severe heat and feel this and get goosebumbs all over my skin. I feel very drawn to nature, it just calms me down and feel connected to it. Am I a witch or just very weird? I’m 12 btw. Also, I can feel people’s emotions very strongly and it just freaks me out when I can feel what they are feeling.

  22. OttO Wolf says:

    I was Born a witch and have lived as a witch my whole life
    Now I teach witchcraft to the young and the coven
    Blessed Be

  23. Azebeth says:

    I’ve always known I was different. when I was 6 I got mad at my little sister and the next day she fell and broke her leg. my great grandmother was a witch and I have weird déjà voo moments only little things though like conversations that I have I sometimes feel like I’ve had them before. sometimes, I have dreams where people will get hurt or not show up to school and then it happens exactly the way I dream it. does this make me a real witch. oh by the way, I’m 12

  24. Emily says:

    I have never met my father before, not even when I was a baby as my mother divorced him well before I was born. Only during my later years of childhood I started getting premonitions with my mother crying to me and telling me how she wouldn’t and couldn’t deal with trying to get in contact with him. I never got premonitions about him only about how things would turn out. They all came true which was heart break but it made me strong. I have stopped having premonitions now only the things listed above happen so often to me that I believe there might be more to my live. I don’t know what I am and I could just be normal but I don’t feel normal…

  25. james says:

    ok, I don’t really talk about this, but I guess I’m tired of hiding. I thought I was just a wiccan because I wanted to be, but then I found out it went more than that. I’m a natural witch and I know it for a fact. Though its still hard to believe sometimes. I’m able to do things that I could only dream about, I’m not going to list them though. I just want to say a few things. One, always listen to that voice in your head, it will never lead you astray. Two, do your best to always believe in yourself. Remember that your emotions and your abilities go hand in hand, so be careful and definitly don’t bottle your emotions up. You shouldn’t have to hide yourself but be careful. Their are people that know the truth and they will not mind hurting you. Were all family, so be careful because we all care about you. Even if our bodies don’t know you, our souls do. Just believe. Ps. Music can really help you

  26. I’m a 13 year-old male, and I am a loyal, dedicated Christian, but ever since the age of six, I’ve been interested in witchcraft. Not only that, but I’ve had psychic occurences that I can’t fully explain. (Example: I had “premonition” of a human skull and a window, and a few days later my brother and his dad got in a wrekc and his head came in contact with a window. Plus, through anger, I made my moms boyfriends’ car break down). Due to my religion, I’ve decided to become a Christian-Witch, following the religous views of Christianity, but performing the arts of witchcraft, am I a natural witchv

    • James Westmoreland says:

      Don’t fear young one. Only those who worship false gods and do evil should fear
      I believe GOD gives good gifts to those who love Him.
      Accept what GOD has given you and use what he has given you according to his will. Blessed Be,

  27. Brandon says:

    Hi I’m Brandon , I’ve had some things happen to me growing up. A friend and I made stuff happen by concentrating together. We’ve made our school buses not show simply by wishing that they won’t. By myself I’ve made a refrigerator fall on someone that I felt total anger for. Bottom line, I’ve always felt that there was something different bout me.

  28. Brandy says:

    I’ve always wondered if I was a natural witch… I can’t control the things I can do and they’re not pleasant at all. Every time I get really angry at someone something bad happens to them. Theres NEVER been an exception. If I feel rage or feel I’ve been wronged something WILL happen to them. Its not usually physical but always unpleasant. The last 3 people thats wronged me ended up losing their jobs, and one was a District Manager. The last one whom was simply horrible to me everyday ended up losing her job on my birthday. Someone I was riding with in a car made me mad and got pulled over and got a huge ticket. It could be anything…. but it always happens. I’ve had my tarrot cards read once and was told right away that I was a witch. Its not something I’ve ever pursued just curious about. Things even happen to myself when I know I should do something and don’t do it. Even small things like if I say “I should sweep the kitchen today” If I don’t do it, someone will spill sugar salt or break glass on the floor and then I’ll have to sweep. Theres is also no exception to this either. I KNOW if I say it, I have to do it or something will happen to make me do it. It will happen every time. I even received a letter in the mail once telling me that I had been watched and they knew I had an ability that could be useful to many organizations…. that freaked me out a little. Just wondering if there could be a way I could “practice” this unpleasant ability I seem to have and maybe make some good things happen, too. Not just the bad.

  29. Shola says:

    okay im so confused right now!! i still dont kno if im a witch! HELP!!

  30. Eve Fisher says:

    I always have wired dreams, like sombody gets into a big fight but after that it gets blurs and I dream about Enrique Iglesias but then the next day the fight or whatever takes place with the right people over the right thing. My dream are acurate and I am senstive and very aware of my saroundings. Does it also count that I made a spell that worked once?

  31. jennie cooper says:

    i have always had strange feelings about things like i go to places i have never been befor and when i get there i no just where to go, like the time i got the chance to go to northampton and i had never been there but when we drove in to the town it felt like i had come home (you no that feeling you get when you get home from holiday ) well i felt that and when i tole my mother she then tole me i was born there, shocked is not the word for how i felt, but all through my life i no i am diffarent and i hated to live in a brick home and lived in a tent for over 7 years and so loved it even in the winter i think you no if you are diffarent.

  32. miguelina says:

    i can hear spirit whispers, sense their emotions, and when my emotions act up i tend to say certain things and they end up coming true, one person has even come up to me and asked what do i think about creepy guys who work at a walmart? i told him, that it wasnt them that was creepy, at that point i tended to space out and tell them that they were having elucid dreams that kept happening over and over again, about someone in their family, and that it gave them an errie feeling. can that also be a sign of being a natural witch??? after i told the guy that i never heard from them again.

  33. Greg C. says:

    Ok, so I have had the following experiences: I have ALWAYS been able to hear voices from the other side but I have learned to tune them out unless I want to focus on them for the purpose of communicating with them.
    I rarely dream but when I do have a dream that is vivid enough to remember it usually happens to me as an observer in the dream but comes true later down the road to a stranger. I have dreamed about plane crashes and shootings among other crazy things that did happen later. One case in point I once had a dream about a plane crash the morning before a co-worker told me her daughter was flying in, I asked her about the flight and date. I then told her even if she thought I was crazy NOT to let her daughter come then on that flight. Without my knowing she got her daughter to change her plans. After hearing of the plane crash the afternoon of the flight, the next morning my co-worker friend actually thanked me and told me that her daughter had called her the previous night and told her that her original flight had crashed and she was glad she had not come that day. This forced my friend to give up the real reason she had made her change plans.
    I also can go on a journey while remaining in my current position, also know as astral planing. I found, on one of these journeys, that I had a multitude of spirits and a portal to the spirit world in a house I used to live in.
    I have had visions of things that have long passed, quite vividly as if I were there when it had happened. Some of these were quite frightening in the moment.
    I have recently been able to actually catch a glimpse of spirits, which is a new thing for me. It still kind of spooks me at times. What I really mean is it catches me off guard.
    Certain natural events that most people would not notice tend to have a physical effect on me.
    I have been know to find the original location of graves that have been moved and even find unmarked graves. I have not tried to do this at random yet but I tend to be able to this in known cemeteries.
    I have always had an interest in these things and wanted to explore them, while being in control of my experiences.
    So, with that said you decide and if I have the ability to hone these abilities please let me know.

  34. Linda says:

    Miss Lisa, can u contact me? I can’t share my story here. thank you.

  35. aperson says:

    I can relate to practically everything! I can’t believe i didn’t realize i was a natural witch until earlier today!

  36. Charley.Y says:

    Hi my names charley im 17 years old, ever since i was little i would have weird obsession with things related to witchcraft at first i thought it was just a children thing but as iv got to this age i still have a liking towards witchcraft, i have a strong connection with nature spending most of my time outside even if it is just sitting in my garden, i dont know why but i just feel like nothing can harm me like its my way of defending my self or feeling full of energy it even calms me alot, its the same with animals i feel really connected to them mainly cats or water/ocean related animals but i just think thats to do with my zodiac sign ,also since i was in middle school i would have dreams every now and then and the next day or a week or so later it would happen but i just thought i was having a dajarvoo moment and ignore it, Everytime i walk past a cat as well they would either watch or follow me mainly this cat that some people have a few doors down, when im out it tends to follow/watch me its freak me out but i tend to ignore it, this is even the same with my cat.
    my senses are weird too, if im alone or with people id feel like someone else was with me but when i looked around no one would be there, or id feel someone watching me bt again no one will be there. sometimes ill see like objects or forms of a person or animals but my friends or family cant see it, same with sounds ill hear something but others around me wont hear a single thing.

    also nearly everyday when im in a warm/cool room or outside i feel a coldness go past me or stay around me for a while but no one else can feel it but me.
    i can also sense if something bad or good is going to happen but it isnt something that i think will happen i know whether it is going to be good or bad im the same towards people and animals.

    I am able to feel like energies coming from people, i dont know how to explain it but its like say someone is a good person but dont come across that way, i know that they are good without knowing/talking to them all from this energy i feel, this goes for animals as well. i always thought i was weird because of this even some of my friends think im weird for it.

    I know that i have witch blood in me because my nan was a white witch and before i had my cat it was hers.

    iv been looking up the histories about witches and witchcraft and find it really fascinating, but im not sure if i am one, could i possibly be one and what do i do?

  37. Heather says:

    I’m not so sure what to think about myself. I’ve always known that my dreams foretell the future. I’ve had dreams where they happen the next day. I’m 19, almost 20 & this has been happening to me since I was in middle school. For one week straight I would have dreams and the next day, everything that would happen in my dream came true. I’ve told my mom and dad. My dad on the other hand is psychic. He also reads tarot cards and palms. I’ve experienced Ghosts and such in my life, but I feel like my dreams is where it is most concentrated. I’m not so sure if this makes me a natural witch? I also have this thing where, if I’m thinking about a person, they’ll automatically text me or call me and say they were just thinking about me. Is this also a sign? I would like to know more! Please and thank you!

  38. Becky keenan says:

    Hi!! I’m Becky! I’m 12. I always felt connected with babies and animals. I’m not sure I’m a natural born witch, but when I feel something is going to happen, I get this weird feeling and it usually happens. When I feel the moon’s light on my skin, I feel warm and full of raw energy. I’ve tried spells, just for fun. I made my ex sort of look at me like he used to, when we were dating. My cats have a weird reaction when I’m around, and I can tell when my parents are going to come into my room before it happens. I want to tell someone, but I don’t want them to think I’m lying, or stupid. What do I do?

  39. Lauryn says:

    i think i am a natural witch but mum will go crazy and think i am weird and my brother will tease and all this makes it hard to do things like do spells buy herbs and do rituals with knives so its really hard for me can anyone help or is anyone in the same situation

    • Kai Luzon says:

      Dear Lauryn, I have had these kinds of feelings and episodes since I was about 7. I am now 46 years old and am a Wiccan. I am a kitchen witch, which means no one has to know what I’m up to, even though my family knows what I have is the real deal. I just always ask a person’s permission before I do anything to help them through Wicca or my powers. When witch’s were burned at the stake they took precautions everything was used in the kitchen as if for food preparation purposes. Hope this has been slightly helpful. Blessed Be.

  40. caitlin says:

    hi my name is caitlin, im 12 years old. my mum is a medium, she talks to the dead and has healing powers. my nan is a physic witch. ive always know i was special, by seeing apportions and talking to unknown creatures and of course i see the future. but what i would really wanted to know if i was a witch because, im very bright at school, i have weird bondings to children and babies and with animals! im attracted to wolves and dolphins but mainly wolves, why is this??? and one day my best friend and i went out to a remote location and i made an element spell, just for fun and it seemed i summoned demons- this was on full moon as well. ever since then weird things have been happening, i feel something evil, and that something is watching me, but my mum cant feel it. can someone tell me why that is please? i am also obsessed with the moon and night sky!!!
    if you can answer any of my questions that would be great thank you! x

    • caitlin says:

      i meant apparitions

      • mardi says:

        Hello my name is Mardi
        I know how you feel to i’m 21 and ever since I can remember I was able to move things with my mind and predict the future. I was able to do this at 8, i thought it was cool until one day i was playing around with my 18 old sister and told her she was pregnant with a baby girl and she will give birth to her in December. She freak out telling me she not pregnant and to stop making stories, then month later she found out she was pregnant with a baby girl, which she gave birth to in December. In 2008 my boyfriend, niece, nephew was playing around with the spirit board trying to contact my sister, it was a full moon and a storm we had white candles burning in the dark. At first we did feel my sister there with us, but then we also had something else there in the room with us that felt dark. After that i stop afraid what it will do to us, because before we move to that place I felt evil presence in the house, one of them push my older sister down the basement stairs, the other opens and closes my niece’s closet door while she is sleeping, while the other one came to me holding me down in my bed, I heard it growl at me in my ear, It tried to get me but i was able to break free off it’s control. I don’t know what help me, all i know is that when it was holding me down i fought back and I spoke of my words while it was holding me down. But like i said i don’t remember what I said to my self but it never tried to harm me again. I hope maybe we can both find the answers were looking for.

  41. hannah says:

    hello, i am 11 and i have had many supernatural occurences. lets start from earlier, in 4th grade everyone would call me a vampire or some kind of im-mortal creature. in 5th grade,at school, everytime i would look at a poster in the hallway, it would fall. lately many of my realistic dreams come true a week orso later. i can always tell what my friends will say next. and i can almost always feel he presence of someone or something. and i have a natural bond with cats. reding these comments has made me feel like i am not alone in this world. i believe i am a natural witch. and uite frankly, i am not scared, i have been doing research and i feel different, special even. another thing, people always thought i was different in elementary school, and even now people seem weirded out by my natural abilities, like my extroadinary reflexes and eysight. and i also seem mesmarized on full moons. i always turn out to be the smartest kid in my class, naturally. it’s not a scary thing to be a witch. just new.

  42. Jessie says:

    I have taken many online tests and come to the conclusion that i am a witch. I can have conversations with turtles, horses, and dogs and my dreams often come true. People gravitate trowards me and if i wish for something it happens. I can control wind and see things before they happen. I can read minds and moods. I have witch blood in my family. I am pretty much sure i am a witch but… well what do i do about it?

    • Hannah says:

      hi, i am 11 and i have had many supernatural occurances. i am always the smartest kid in my class and i tend to be able to sence the presence of something im-mortal. in 5th grde whenever i looked at a poster in the hallway of school, it would fall, even if it was thumbtacked into the wall. also, many of my realistic dreams come true a week or so later.i can always tell what my friends will say next and can predict when someone will call. i need help. i believe i m a natural witch, my mom always has the appearance of a wicken of somesort.but i have no clue. i need help. i have always been different, in 4th grade everyone called me a vampire and other supernatural cetures. sometimes people still say so. please help me.

  43. Chris says:

    I can not stop thinking about if I’m a witch. My mom can see ghost hear them and talk to them, she can see the if you are sick just by seeing the colors around you. I can read close family mind, I always dream in color, I know when someone is going to call. My two girls when their where small could see ghosts all the time. I also have never fit into anything, and have known I was diffent. I need someone to talk to about this. I’m also to not want to give up my church I love God and I have a hard time thinking that there is more then one God. One more thing my Mom said that all of us me, my Mom, and my girls were witches in the pass and was very bad witches, and where all put to death. So she was told to never be a witch again for that reason.

    • Jet says:

      I am a witch. I am also a Christian. I practice Hedge Witchcraft, healing with herbs and nature. Don’t fear dear, I am 31 and this journey is a long and fun one! Please know it is not the silly stuff you see on tv, where you can move things with your finger or a wand…

      Follow your own path, no matter what anyone says, you know you better than anyone else. Pray on it and spend as much time as you can outdoors, which is a witches church anyway!

  44. Ashleigh says:

    hi my name is Ashleigh, i have had permissions/dreams of something that end up coming true the next day, next month or year after, animals seem to be very fond of me, specially dogs and cats, when i do good spells they seem to work, and if some one is trying to find something i always seem to know where it is, with out actually looking for it, like this one time at my work, my boss was looking for her wallet, and i told her that her wallet was in her right side jacket of the pocket, and i didn’t even know it was in there, i can sense spirits and ghost’s around me all the time, and apparently some witches can sense those sort of things, i want to know if i am a witch, could some one help me out here lols,

  45. amanda says:

    My family is full of natural witches dating back to Salem. Lately ive been very angry and I feel strange. Like I’m not myself. My reflexes are faster then ever and I can hold objects in my hand without closing my hand. I don’t know what’s happening. I need advice from another natural witch. A real one…. not to be mean…

  46. Audrey says:

    I meant to say deja vu. Not “dens vulgar”

  47. Audrey says:

    My name is Audrey and I’m 13. My family is Christian-Catholic and I am just recently reading into Wicca. I find it very interesting and I believe I am a natural witch. A couple of months ago, I had a dream about a bunch of cats in my backyard. One looked like one of my cats and I forget the rest but this orange.and white cat sitting underneath the table out back. I woke up and thought it was just on of my weird dreams because I had just recently taken in a stray kitten, but just to see if anything was out there, I checked. It was the orange and white cat. I was so freaked out. Now for the past month or so, that cat somehow has managed to climb my roof and meow at me from my window. At night. I feel bad that it can’t come in but we can’t have another cat. But it’s already gotten in 2 times. I still get freaked out bout it. I also have been having dens vulgar for as long as I could remember. I think the first time was when I was playing with a caterpillar when I was maybe 7. I am very in tune with animals and the weather. Usually on days I get very emotional either happy or sad it rains. It’s weird because my middle name is Rayne. Another thing ia that i saw this girl one day at my swim team practice and i felt like i knew her and knew exactly what she looked like. I never met hwr before tht and a month later she went to my english class. It felt like i already had met her… My mother says that animals everywhere watch me and follow me. I never really thought that until I started watching them when I did. It turns out they do. Sometimes to calm down I sit on my roof in the daytime and just listen to the trees and wind and I’d automatically would feel peace and happiness. And the odd thing is, since last year, I would randomly just start singing a song without realizing it and the song would come on later in the day or some time that week on the tv or radio. It would be ok songs too that I hadn’t heard for a while. Well I believe I am a natural witch, thanks for listening, well, watching 🙂

  48. Amber says:

    hi im Amber i am 13 and when i was little i would wish really hard and it would come true i remember last month i wished so hared for this boy……you know to ….notice me im like and outcast….so i wished and 5mins latter he asked me out i knew by then he didn’t like me but that i “put a spell on him”to say i said no and went home he came to my house an toled me he didn’t know what he was doing he just felt like he needed to ask me………………weird but true

  49. Scythe says:

    Hey, what you know… these are the same ways to tell if you are a psychic or not….

  50. melai says:

    i always had a dream about this person’s looks before i actually met them in person.

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