Spells and Magic

There is a misconception that spells and magic are one in the same. Actually they are not in most cases the same at all,

Magical rituals are the precisely defined actions (including speech) used to work magic. Some argue it’s the actions that are the most important while others argue it’s the words that create the power of magic. It’s been my experience that words are the most important, but I’m willing to concede that for some that may not be the case.

A spell is ritual that is perform to cause magic, while magic is the outcome of the spell. Magic can be performed without a spell if the practitioner has the skill and experience, but for most a spell is required to perform magic.

Spell casting is one of the easier types of magic to perform. It does require concentration and knowledge mixed with faith to cast a working spell, but for most this is easier than developing psychic powers.

To help you on your journey into spells and magic I have put together a newsletter that will guide you down that magical path. You will also receive a free ebook “How to cast a love spell”. This is one of the easier types of spells to cast and is great for beginning witches.

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  1. Michael Ritchie says:

    I’m vaRy interested in reading your news letters, what whould cause a man to start moving and doing things that he new were spells but had never attempted a actual spell befor, somthing in me with my blessing use me to act out things. And I think it had to do with the past. The entity was as old as old as the earth and new all forms of comunication. It referd to itself as mother I new what it ment Earth (I’m part indian)and it called me Atlas. And now we have a playfull but hidden relationship. She follows me .is there when I need her and not when I don’t, iv seen birds manafest, bugs, light and each time its her showing me a path or some one to help

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