White Light Talisman

White Light Talisman Amulet

This is a talisman that has had the protection power of the White Light bound to it. The White Light Talisman will protect you while doing spells, during Astral Projection and from hexes from other witches. While this may take many forms, take a look at this “White Light Talisman”.


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  1. bluewizerd says:

    i know im a witch but how should start of and i want to do spells and potions again may you please help me

  2. gurlyboi says:

    Hey everybody is there any one on here that would like to help me out im an older gay guy who is looking for someone to put a spell on me i know this is a weird request but i need this realy bad if you think you can help me let me no n ill give you the details and maby if you want will talk through email ok well thanks i hope i here from someone who can help me out.:)

    • jmakka97 says:

      Hey I may be able to help out with your spell request I know a Berry basic level bit it still works depending on the intent of the spell and if your willing to deal with the possible consequences as a reasult then email me at jmakka97@gmail.com and I might be able to help out

  3. bonnie_29 says:

    I know I have some powers but I’m not 100% sure I’m a witch… When I was ten, throughout that year I had sort of psychic powers… I would have dreams and then they would come true… I don’t think it had a pattern, but the closer I was to the time it happened, the clearer it would be. I also had a sixth sense at one point when I was about 8-10… I told my mum everything, and told her it was scaring me because I was so young, and I sometimes felt them as bad spirits… She told me that by directing a thought towards them, I could send them away… I sent them all away good or bad because I didn’t like it. Last year my nan passed away, and straight away I knew I could see her if I really tried, but until now I still haven’t seen any spirits. Earlier in this week, I went on a school trip down the mines and I saw a little boy’s figure walk across my eyesight… It was dark in the area I saw him but I knew he was there as I could feel his presence… I told my friends and they just told me to shut up because I was scaring them… Later on in the trip out tour guide then announced that a boy had died down in the mine and people believe to see his spirit where I had. I hope now that I’ve seen one they will come back to me and hopefully I will see my nan again.

    I know that psychic ability ran in the family, but not many of us had a sixth sense… I also know that all of my abilities are coming from my mum’s Irish family that were gypsy’s that we never knew as they left her when she was only 3 months old… I’ve always been one with nature and all animals have always loved me once they meet me… I can soothe them and send them to sleep just by directing a thought towards them. Also, the other day I went to a party, and I saw someone that I knew I had once known… Was it in a previous life maybe? I know that everything I’m saying sounds like a massive clichรฉ but I believe everyone on this website understands what’s happened to me. The only problem I have is that one part of my mind is just telling me I’m imagining everything, but I know it real!! I also always found it weird how I could slightly heal myself? I once broke my arm and the doctor’s admitted it, but then the next day I went back and it was healed? I do this my imagining the light in my body stretching and wrapping around my hurt limb… Could I just have really good pain tolerance? I really don’t know if I really am a witch or not, but I hope I am because I always feel like something’s missing inside me, but when I help/heal others I feel complete… All my friends joke how I have healing hands because when I touch their sprained ankle or hurt hand they feel better? Could this really be true?!? Please answer me and give me advice because I don’t know whether to accept or deny the idea of me being a witch!

    • lilmisangel1204 says:

      Hi, not that I am a witch or anything, buy I honestly want to try it out. I have so curious ever since my step mom has told me about her witch past. Can anyone help me do spells or something? Please. I am curious and I feel as if I was meant for something more in life, maybe this is it. I am a responsible person and open minded. Anyone help me do spells and for them to work

  4. Ponnie25 says:

    sometimes im in the house by myself i can sense thing others cant i asked my sister if she could hear that then she said i was on crack but im to young for crack and then i wished that she could trip on the cords on the ground and she did an i wish the light could come on and they came on as soon i said it an sometimes i can see things others cant like in a dream i saw my dead aunt an she asked if i died an i said i dont know and then she told me i unlocked the secret and when i woke up i wrote down all these different patterns does anyone have any answers.

  5. stella1 says:

    Hi i am 16 years old and i think i might be a witch .there are some strange things happening to me but i’m not sure if those things mean that i’m a witch.please if someone could tell me.When i was young(about 10 years old)i began being scared of darkness ,i couldn’t go out at night because i feared that someone would come and get me.I thought that someone traced me.This year while i was getting into sleep i saw a shadow of a men in my window he was walking for three times and than he was gone.I also am affraid of snakes and i don’t know why.I must tell that in my house this year three snakes came and they tend to come around this area.I love cats and i have three cats one of them black.Cats really love me especially my black cat.one day i spent all my money in school and when i got back home my mum asked me if i had any money left.I was sure that i had not but then i wished i had and i a kind of prayed and then i saw that in my jacket pocket there were some money left.One other thing that happened to me was that one day i had to study a lot for a school exam but i didn’t quiet rehearse all the lessons and i was nerveous.the next day our teacher came and she told us that we wasan’t going to do the test.(that has happened to me twice).I am always affraid of shadows and i feel i can not sleep alone in a room.Antil 7 i believed i had magical power.I haven’t tried to change the weather or the wind or something like that.please tell me if someone has something like that .And if that is related to witches

    • stella1 says:

      I can also understand people’s feelings and if they are good people or not

      • stella1 says:

        3 months after i was born i got a cold and i had temperature 40 degrees,my parents took me to a lot of hospitals and the doctors said that would die from the temperature.My grandmother took me to a woman and she did something like magical thing and i got recovered.does this relate to me being a witch or not?I can also realize peopleโ€™s feelings.

  6. emily storm says:

    Ya when I was three I was hanging on to a railing and I let go and I floated for 5 seconds. And whenever I lift my hands the wind picks up. It’s so weird I just don’t get it can someone plz explain what’s happening to me plz.

  7. emily storm says:

    Ya when I was three I was hanging on to a railing and I let go and I floated for 5 seconds. And whenever I lift my hands the wind picks up. It’s so weird I just don’t get it can someone plz explain what’s happening to me plz.

  8. Sabrina Tobias says:

    Hi there my name is sabrina I saw something with November month on here just have to ask I always thought I was a witch my mom was friends with someone that did the craft before I was born in a hospital and one thing my moms guy friend died using this he got in it to deep but would really like to know I was born November 8 1992 blessing please I need to know I have all the signs and all the gifts

  9. JessLynn says:

    Hi Im 15. My great great great grandmother was rumored to be a witch, their was a story tolfdabout her removing warts from grandchildren and about her doing spells. I havent thought much about it until a few days ago. I was told that if you have a triangle on your skin or birthmarks, its a sign you could possibly be a witch. On my leg I have 3 freckles shaped in a triangle and a birthmark on my leg, those are the only marks I have on that leg. Also all my life ive been able to tell if people were lying, i know stories before people even tell me, ive had dreams that become true, I can see someone and know that their going to be someone special to me years later….do you think i could possible be a witch??? Help???

  10. Adrian says:

    My name Adrian and I’m 19. I been having really vivid dreams lately. I sweat and sometimes feel like I wont wake up. I can tell when people lie to me and it angers me. I can change the mood of my environment and people around me. I can since peoples emotions. When my friends are hurt and crying I can feel it, I feel their anger. Just recently my friend got in a family altercation and I could feel his heart ache and his anger! Why is it that? Why can I feel other peoples emotions.?

    I graduated when I was 15 and I have a really high intellect. I’m always looking for answers about the super natural.

    Animals love to be around me, I am really good with animals! Even animals that are used for protection are nice to me. My friends animals in his house love me, his birds, cats, and dogs. I get along with all of them.

    I love being in the woods and being in nature! I am good with gardening, I grew up on and near farms.

    I always feel as if I’m being watched. I’m scared to sleep cause how vivid my dreams are and how hard it is to wake up sometimes.

    Can anyone tell me why I’m experiencing these things?

    • GayGuy7777 says:

      i agree with you there Adrian i have the same thing other than the early graduation thing and i can only sleep about roughly 4 hours a day… im 16 and was never passionate about religion until now when im finding wicca… i still dont know how to start or anything…. i really want to follow this… it feels so right for me…. i dont do anything crazy wierd or anything like floating but i hope i can… ive always been a pyromaniac and seem to be slightly resistant to heat like hot water doesnt burn me as bad but that probally doesnt mean anything…. i dont know what to think or do out of fear of looking fake or wierd… but i really do connect to these posts you know? look my up on facebook if you want im under Caleb Clarke and have a goth boy profile pic drawing its shows a drawing of a boy dressed in black crying more black… very fitting for me…. ttyl

  11. Siobhan says:

    Hi I’m Siobhan and I’m 13. For a few years now I’ve been having really vivid dreams, and most of the time what I dream actually happens. I usually get. Feeling that I’m being watched, and when I turn I see black shadows darting away. My mum has these experiences too. When I was a little girl we lived in a house, and on a coup,e of occasions my mum saw a man outside the window, but when she went to look he was gone. One night, my mum asked me to go to bed an I freaked it and said ‘no mummy, he comes to see me and I don’t like it’. The dreams are happening really often and I want to know what they mean… Because lately I’ve been having vivid nightmares too

    • Siobhan says:

      And I always know when people are lying, and how they’re feeling. I also feel like I’ve met people before I have. Some people give off a really bad type of sense around them and I avoid them like the plague

    • Rachel says:

      Ask you mom if you were born in a hospital or at home, then respond to me with only your birth month and day if it was in April, June, November or September. I can respond to you more if you help me to understand more of why someone would be watching you.

    • Taylor says:

      Ok, my mom is the same way so it doesnt really mean your a witch but you can be! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Moonstorm says:

      Hi I’m Moonstorm and I’m 11. my mother as been seeing a man in the house and it has talked to both of us and no one is here. I know what you are going threw. this man follows me everywhere till I went to my bff’s house. she is a witch also but only I know. her mother don’t believe in that kind of things. I find out its my grandfather but I won’t tell any one because they might think I’m crazy. Also try to remember the dream and draw something that u think is important that might be a prophecy or a vision. Hopes this helps.

  12. lily says:

    I turned 15 a few weeks ago. when i was about 3 i spoke to my great granfather and i used to tell my mum he was reading me books. my mother always caught me speaking to him.
    i have dreams alot that come true, and i can sense when something bad is about to happen i can feel peoples and animals emotions and i see things differently to other people. i can feel nature and especially when i sit in my garden and just run my hands through the grass its like its speaking to me.
    i also see lots of shadows and sometimes i can feel things grabbing me, it sounds creepy but its been going on for as long as i can remember.

    • Moonstorm says:

      u are in locked with nature like me. I touch a tree and a vision comes to me or touch the ground and I know who has been there but it isn’t my house. it mostly happens with animals and there thoughts. yea I can sometimes know what they are saying in their minds if it is emotional enough.

  13. Mikayla says:

    OH and I forgot to add something in my last comment, I get glimpses of the future, I get thoughts in my head or a feeling I don’t think much of and it comes true. if you read my other comment please tell me whats happening to me.

  14. Mikayla says:

    Hi my name is Mikayla I just turned 15 last Saturday.
    Since I can remember I have been followed or watched. I get the feeling like someone’s watching me and out of the corner of my eye I see white or black shadows that dart from my view as soon as I look. and that’s not all. When I turned ten, something strange happened, I was outside thinking and I thought to myself “oh how I wish the wind would pick up.” and to my surprise it did, and again at my school I was getting at it with another student during recess and the wind picked up so much it started blowing carts, baskets filled with heavy playground and blowing people over. I have better control over it now, but I hear it whisper things to me, like when it blows through trees and when the leaves rustle I can make out my name. And the night I turned 15, I was asleep in my bed, I dreamed that I was in a circle in a room it was too dark to see anything, but I was looking down on myself from above, my eyes were closed and everything was quiet, suddenly my eyes flew open and my eyes were white! Wind was blowing everywhere, I woke up in sweat and when I looked in the mirror my eyes were turning back from white to blue, I still have white specks in my eyes, I still get that dream, im starting to get scared. What does it mean??

    • gabby says:

      omg i’m 11 and the same things happened to me last year.i was able to control the wind pretty well back then but still when i got angry it picked up pretty hard. also i’m a pieces so if it was raining or cloudy and i got a strong emotion it started to rain harder it was so freaky but ive gotten better at controlling my powers now but they still act up sometimes.

    • Moonstorm says:

      do not be afraid. I am 11 and it meant a prophecy I do believe. I have white speaks in my eyes and how often to u have this dream. The circle could have been witch craft and a spirit or an emotion took control of your body and it had such an effect it made your eyes turn white to blue, my eyes are blue with green, white, and yellow speaks in them.

  15. Kathryn says:

    Hi, My name is Kathryn and I am 15 years old. I have been reading some of the weird occurrences, which have been happening to some of the people on here and I find I can relate easily. The list of common signs of a natural witch seemed identical to things that have happened to me. I can sense people’s feelings and be able to complete their sentences or thoughts. I have these premonition things, where I can predict the future and my dreams often feel very vivid and I can control them. I am great with animals, especially cats. I don’t know if that means anything, but all of that witch jumbo usually includes black cats and stuff… I can control the weather sometimes too. One time when I was 7 or 8, I was sitting in a tree house, that my parents were building me, and all of a sudden this huge storm with tons of rain began. It was invigorating to me and I yelled for someone or something to give me signs and each time the wind would pick up and almost blow me away. Thunder and lighting storms most importantly get me excited and I can never sleep in big storms or on the nights of full moons. I don’t know what this all means, but weird things have been happening to me and I need some answers. My grandmother says that we come from a long line of witches and that ‘s why I started investigating and this is what I found. I don’t know if I believe her, but if it’s true I want to be able to channel this energy and actually do so called spells and potions. If anyone can help me through these difficult times, then I would be much obliged. Thank you!

  16. Jess says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old and when I was 3 I saw my little Nanny and I asked my mum and she didn’t know what this was but I can see ANGELS and wolfs

    But I have no idea what is happening please reply thanks

    Please e-mail me at jwhite1703@outlook.com no spammers please this is serious

  17. Jess says:

    Hi I’m 12 years old and when I was 3 I saw my little Nanny and I asked my mum and she didn’t know what this was but I can see ANGELS and wolfs

    But I have no idea what is happening please reply thanks

  18. tess says:

    my name is tess I am 14 and when I was younger (p.s this has been going on since I was 5) when I was 5 it was a full moon and I walked outside and I swear the moon was like speaking to me or something and than my dog stared to bark and he was jumping so high I could of swore I saw something in the shadows and my dog was playing with it and sometimes when im at school I swear I hear someone saying my name or screaming my name out I always ask my friends if they said something about me or heard anyone say my name but they always say no
    hope u can help me out here ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. mlforever says:

    hi im a young girl aged 13 i have dreams that come true and can sense things before they happen also i love animals and nature i would like some help to no if i am a natural witch or not but i have a strong feeling i am also i can control when weather is strong or not is that normal?

  20. vacabratt says:

    My birthday is in the 6th month, born in the 6th hour, the 60th year, the 6th day of the week and on the 13th day of the month. I have exceptional hearing, I know when a dangerous event is about to happen to me, I am very good at determining when someone has ulterior motives, I know when someone I am close to (mostly family) is injured. I have had dreams where someone that has passed on has come to me with concerns about the welfare of someone living. Many times people have said I have a 6th sense. Am I a natural born witch?

  21. vervain says:

    Hi everyone,I’m a young girl and I’ve always believed I was born a natural witch. Some of my dreams come true, I know things before they happen, I see some kind of shadows I think they’re ghosts or spirits, I feel the energy in me,….and so many other things. I need help as I want to exercise my abilities because I don’t know how to control my powers yet. Please help me you can email me and we can help each other out ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. michael says:

    Hi everyone. All my life I have felt like I was diffrent, even from been a child. As a child I spoke to an imaginary friend this according to my mother lasted a few years. I see shadowed spirits around me all the time, even walking down the street I see shadow spirits walking, Or Even sitting in cars :/…there are so many reasons and examples wich have bought me to the conclusion that I was a male witch. Especially as my mother comes from a bloodline of (celtic and english) mediums and witches…a year and a half ago I went to ayhuasca and was told that I am a shaman, this is inherited from my fathers amazonian(native indian)and jamaican side, but I still feel connected very much to the world of paganism/wicca…is it possible to inherit gifts from my mothers and my fathers bloodline…most of my rituals are shamanic, like blood majick…wich I never knew until I checked the method I used whilst in a weird state of possesion…I would really like some guidance in general, maybe someone here can help me…?….I feel like since 12/12/2012 after I had a really vivid meditation and vision, like as if I am continuesly growing or going thru a state of initiation. In my dreams its like as if its not a dream but real!! As in physical…there’s a man who always guides me through the dark astral plane I end up on. Nite before last I dreamt I was filled with some very powerful telekenetic ability, I cud actually feel the energy growing in my stomach…then last night I had three dreams all the same…I had special gifts and I was persueing a man who had kidnapped this women!!!….i need to write them dwn cos they get vague!!!…why have I been having the same dream for like 3 months now, not the same dream but its the same place with the same man who guides me! HELP!!!! I’m not freaked out just don’t have no one to talk to about all this apart from my sister and my mum… Thank you

    • k says:

      i feel i might be a witch im scared and dont no what to do or a whitch is following me. i have dreams and they come true, if some one is sad im close to i hear them cvry then call them.if some one is going to die i see it and the next day they are dead. i feel something trying to get my attention. iv been hit in the back when was tryn to enore feeling and hear alot of banging. my child said seen big scaary eyes in his window and a cat… when i see people i feel like i oready no them and sometimes i no some thing will happen before it does but i never follow my instinct what shall i do iv always felt different and people always tell me im weard????

      • lily says:

        ive had the same things happened, when i was little my mum used to catch me talking to people, i would tell her their names and it turned out to be dead relatives that i have never even seen before. i always see shadows and i can feel thing grabbing me when im sleeping when somethings bad about to happen i get a head ache and start to cry or cough heaps. i can hear voices especially when im at school. i have dreams and they alway come true

  23. melinda says:


  24. Aracelis says:

    I believe to be a natrual witch n im just wanting to learn more

  25. ML Nolan says:

    Hello all ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to be with all of you…I believe I was born a Natural Witch and am proud of this.. I will share most recently our newly rescued dog was having some strange issues waking and running through the house as if he was still asleep and growling while in this state he is a very big boy ..so I decided ( because he is so mystical) He and I would share a spell away from the other 4 dogs ๐Ÿ™‚ he responed beautifully..that night I suddenly came down with the most intense headache as he too was acting strangely as if he did not feel well we went to bed early and my husband had Kodi sleep next to my side of the bed…we woke together in the morning no more headache and no more episodes…ever ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Mia Husse says:

    Plz help me refine my ability

  27. dawn says:

    I had a vision about a friend told her about it and everything was true. After the fact I had a severe headache and weak. Another episode I saw a glass rose. I went to a friends house I had never been to and saw her rose. I visualized a plate dropping and breaking the rose. Within an hr it happened.

  28. RINA says:

    I SOOO NEED THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. maggie67 says:

    I want to test my ability!

  30. toshia says:

    I have studied the craft for years and now my eldes daught who is 7 is able to want something and it will be on her lap its crazy but she is a natural and it is very true..

  31. Tonyachristofferson says:

    I hope this works I be leave it will.

  32. joseph says:

    please teach me how to be it.

  33. erica says:

    I want to excersize my ability.

  34. erica says:

    I want to excersise my ability!!!!

  35. Adriana says:

    I hope this is for real, I really do, because I believe in it

    • David Hodgson says:

      While science has not found a way to measure it yet… It is real. Of course as soon as science finds a way to measure it, it will considered science and not witchcraft, just like herbology, chemistry, chaos mathematics and quantum physics.

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