The Good and The Bad and Wicca

Witchcraft and witches in general have gotten a bad rap over the centuries. Many people envision evil devil worshippers that sacrifice children and animals on alters and dance naked by the moonlight.

There are two types of witchcraft, “White Witchcraft” and “Black Witchcraft”.

White witchcraft is the practice of witchcraft in which one uses supernatural powers or magic for good. They try to bring about their desired goals (healing, positive changes, etc.) without hurting anyone or anything.

Black Witchcraft is the practice of witchcraft in which the witch uses supernatural powers and magic for a desired goal in which they intentionally try to harm someone or they don’t care how their spell affects anyone around them as long as they get what they want.

Wicca is a religion that specifically condemns the use of black magic or witchcraft. The Wiccan rede states that “As it harm none, do as thou wilt”. What this means is that before you cast a spell or perform any magic, you need to be sure that the spell you cast will not harm anyone.

Wicca believes that everything is sacred, both animate and inanimate objects That all powers and inspirations come from nature.. Another important part of the Wicca belief is that whatever you send out, be it good or evil it will come back to you three times over.

This of course is a gross simplification of the Wicca religion but, I will say that Wicca is one of the few religions that doesn’t use fear to extort the obedience of it’s followers.

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3 comments on “The Good and The Bad and Wicca
  1. Rosemary says:

    i am a natural witch born from a generations of witches 27 to be truthful i was raised and taught by the family. i have very special gifts and i was taught there is no such thing as white or black because nature is balanced with both majik that both it has to be balance what is good is also bad and too much good is bad it has to be balance at all times if you practice only good then bad things will happen cause there has to be a balance. words have power and the rule is if it harms none it can be done. but remember everything has to be balanced or it may turn into choas

    • ColdMBrace says:

      Your generations of witchy forefathers/foremothers would have done well to teach you punctuation. I’m not being ugly by saying that…just being a grumpy old curmudgeon. Turns out, I’ve been a witch my entire life and didn’t even know it. I affect people’s relationships, I have a unique way of communication, and like it or not, people listen to me. I do not believe in prophetic dreams, nor will I ever. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your dreams. I simply means that just because you dreamed something, it doesn’t mean that it will happen, nor does it mean – if it does indeed happen – that you prophesied it. Get that out of your head now. NOW.

  2. robin says:

    how do i know if i am a natural witch what can i do to find out ? white witch not black witch i love nature and enjoy being in it and animals seem to really like me exspecailly cats and horses and birds .i have been trying to find out for quiet a while now i also have dreams that have come true good and bad and my stomach gets to feeling wierd when i feel something is about to happen and get these sences as well when it is bad news . please help me i am a strong believer in jesus and i serve him he is my maker . oh i also have dreams of places i have been to befor my life i believe i was reincarnated and these dreams are of my past life . thank you! my mother was very spiritual and read palms and tarot card and people always ask me how did i know sertain things when i meet them it’s like i can read them like a book and there emotions and faceail exsperations please contact me.thank you and many blessing to you and your family .robin

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