The Power of Words

The Power of WordsIn witchcraft the importance of the words used when casting a spell cannot be overemphasized. The important thing to remember is that the words must conjure an emotional response and not just a intellectual response.

The human brain is made up of essentially 3 parts.  First there is the part of the brain that is very small and sits at the top of the spinal cord. This is the primitive brain. It controls body functions such as breathing, digestion and heart function to name a few. This is also the part that functions on basic survival. The fight or flight response. And the need to reproduce and eat.

This is your reptilian brain. No thinking just instinct.

The second part of the brain is much larger and sits on top and surrounds the primitive brain. This controls the emotions. The things you feel and your perceptions and interpretations of the world around you. It is extremely powerful and contains the subconscious mind. This is where you can tap into some extraordinary powers.

This is your emotional brain.

The last is your logical brain. This is a thin layer that covers the emotional brain. It is not nearly as powerful, but it controls what we consider conscious thought. It tries to rationalize everything that the emotional brain does and it is our way of communicating with the world around us.

This is your rational mind.

If you want to get results with your spells you must speak to the emotional mind. Talking to the rational mind will get you understanding, but talking to the emotional mind will get you results.

Below is a video that shows how changing the words you use can change everything.

Did you notice how the sign in the beginning stimulated an intellectual response and everyone around him understood but not many responded to it. Then when the words on the sign was changed, they conjured up an emotional response to the message and many people responded to that message. I’m sure you felt it too.

If this had been a spell that was cast, you can see how changing the wording can mean a huge difference in the type of response that your going to get. Always keep this in mind when casting spells.


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