What is an Athame?

Athame and Red Candle on Witches Altar


“There are many things that you may require in the practice of witchcraft. None is more important than your Athame.”

What is an Athame?

An Athame is a double edged dagger that is used in ceremonial work. The Athame is an extension of yourself that you use to focus your energy through. Athames in general have a black handle and don’t need to be very long.

Be very particular about picking out your Athame. You only will use one Athame for the rest of your life, so be sure it is one that you feel a connection with.

While you will not be cutting anything with your Athame, it is my opinion that the blade should be made as sharp as possible. Like the blade of a sharp knife focuses your cutting energy to make your cutting easier, a sharp Athame focuses your energy to make your intentions easier.

Your Athame should never be touched by anyone else; it is yours and yours alone. It should never be used to cut or draw blood. The Athame needs to be consecrated before use. There are many rituals you can use to do this, but they all basically bring the blade into contact with the four elements and then the blade is magnetized.

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Here is a ritual to consecrate your Athame:

  • You will need a bowl of dirt at least as deep as the blade is long.
  • A red candle
  • A bowl of water
  • Incense

First sharpen the Athame and if the handle isn’t black, paint it or wrap with black leather or black cloth.

Place the Athame blade down into the bowl of dirt in front of you. Light the candle and the incense.

Pull the Athame from the earth and say “From earth it came to ban all things named by me”

Pass the blade through the fire of the candle and say “With fire it was forged to ban all things named by me”

Plunge the blade into the water and say “With water it was tempered to ban all things named by me”

Smudge the blade with the smoke of the incense and say “With air it gained the power of spirit, thought, emotion and manifestation to ban all things named by me”

Next charge the blade by rubbing a magnet from the tip to the handle several times on each side while visualizing the blade taking on a life of its own.

Then put the Athame away in a place that it will not be found by anyone else. You don’t want anyone else to touch your Athame.

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