Love spells and Potions

Red Magick Love Spells

Red Magick Love Spells is a collection of 106 love spells and potions that will allow you to attract love into your life or to bring back an ex-lover. These love spells have been collected from all over the world and have been selected because they have all the necessary ingredients and rituals to make them work.

There is also a section on when to perform these spells and things you should and should not do to make the spells effective.

Why in the world would you need 106 love potions and spells?

To be honest, you don’t. A love potion or spell is like a song. Some songs you really like and some you don’t really care for. Everybody has different tastes. Some times you like a different song depending on your mood.

Now myself depending in my mood I might one time like listening to sappy love songs by Bread and another to Ozzy playing Children of the Grave or something in between.  It’s nice to have a choice.

So while you don’t need 106 love potions and spells, it’s nice to be able to find ones that you really like depending on what exactly you want it to do and your mood at the time.

Do love potions work?

This is an interesting question. I would have to respond, Yes… No…. Maybe….

Let me explain….

If you think that mixing lavender oil and burning a red candle is going to bring you love, well …. Think again. There is nothing special in the combination of ingredients of love potions. Again using music as an example. Just playing notes on a piano in any random order with no rhythm does not make a beautiful musical piece. You have the ingredients of music but without order and practice and soul, it does not create a pleasing song.

If you cast the love spell with the right ingredients and the right ritual then maybe it will work for you. Again, like playing a song, if you play the right notes in the right order with the right rhythm and tempo you will be able to recognize the song and it will sound nice, but without the soul (emotion and faith) the song sounds flat and void of life.

Now, if you cast the love spell with the right ingredients and ritual with the faith and emotion infused in that ritual, then yes the spell will work. Faith and your own power through emotion and commitment are always the two most important ingredients for any spell.

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David Hodgson (63 Posts)